khmer release v2.1: software for biological sequence analysis

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Daniel Standage (0000-0003-0342-8531), Ali Aliyari (0000-0003-0925-4886), Lisa J. Cohen (0000-0002-3600-7218), Michael R. Crusoe (0000-0002-2961-9670), Tim Head (0000-0003-0931-3698), Luiz Irber (0000-0003-4371-9659), Shannon Ek Joslin (0000-0001-5470-1193), N. B. Kingsley (0000-0001-8574-8592), Kevin D. Murray (0000-0002-2466-1917), Russell Neches (0000-0002-2055-8381), Camille Scott (0000-0001-8822-8779), Ryan Shean, Sascha Steinbiss (0000-0002-2151-0574), Cait Sydney, C. Titus Brown (0000-0001-6001-2677)


Standage et al, (2017), khmer release v2.1: software for biological sequence analysis, Journal of Open Source Software, 2(15), 272, doi:10.21105/joss.00272

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bioinformatics sequence analysis Bloom filter Count-Min sketch de Bruijn graph assembly graph traversal streaming quality control

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