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The COSplay software allows a pyboard to operate as a high temporal precision (microsecond-range) stimulus delivery device suited for usage in preclinical functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and...

ECRL / ecabc

ECabc is an open source Python package based on an Artificial Bee Colony, used for tuning functions such as hyperparameters of artificial neural networks

olivertomic / hoggorm

hoggorm implements statistical methods for multivariate analysis typically used in the field of chemometrics ( The main methods contained in hoggorm are...

Boyle-Lab / CGIMP

CGIMP is a platform for real-time exploration of genomic self-organizing map datasets. CGIMP renders interactive map images in real-time, allowing users to directly with the underlying dataset by...

IbrahimTanyalcin / lexicon-mono-seq

Lexicon-Mono-Seq is a Multiple Sequence Alignment viewer (MSA) that uses native DOM Text + SVG instead of HTML5 canvas.
The library...

USCbiostats / fmcmc

A friendly (flexible) MCMC framework that implements multiple chains in parallel computing, automatic stop using convergence monitoring, and user-defined transition kernel functions.

USCbiostats / sluRm

This R package provides a specialized alternative for using R in HPC settings with Slurm. It is dependency-free and provides more control and flexibility than other alternatives.

Basicsusm is a Python package providing an object oriented interface for computing structural sums, mathematical objects originating from the computational materials science, that are also...

malmans2 / oceanspy

OceanSpy is an open-source and user-friendly Python package that enables scientists and interested amateurs to analyze and visualize oceanographic data sets.
OceanSpy enables extraction,...


The tool aims to guess the RNA-Seq library type used to generate paired or single end read files.

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