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RobinHankin / knotR

creates pleasing knot projections using optimized Bezier curves.

DOI pending

raamana / hiwenet

Network-level analysis of various features, esp. if it can be individualized for a single-subject, is proving to be quite a valuable tool in many applications. This package extracts single-subject...

DOI pending

ropensci / bikedata

The R package bikedata aims to download and aggregate data from all public hire bicycle systems which provide open data. These currently including Santander Cycles in London, U.K., and from the...

DOI pending

go-hep / hep

Go-HEP provides tools to interface with CERN's ROOT software
framework and carry analyses or data acquisition from within the Go
programming language.

DOI pending

adrn / gala

Gala is an Astropy-affiliated Python package for Galactic astronomy and gravitational dynamics. It provides a Pythonic interface to numerical orbit integration, gravitational potentials, and...

DOI pending

ropensci / iheatmapr

iheatmapr is an R package for making complex, interactive heatmaps.

adrn / schwimmbad

schwimmbad provides a uniform, class-based interface to using parallel processing pools from Python. This package exists to enable easily switching between local development (e.g., serial...

DOI pending

conradsnicta / armadillo-gmm

Armadillo C++ library v7.960 containing gmm_diag and gmm_full classes. The gmm_diag and gmm_full classes provide multi-threaded (parallelised) implementations of Gaussian mixture models and the...

DOI pending

weymouth / lily-pad

Lily Pad is a computational fluid dynamics solver using the Boundary Data Immersion Method and written in the Processing Language.

DOI pending

ElixirUK / TeSS

TeSS is a Web application that aggregates training events and materials from ELIXIR Nodes and third-party content providers, displaying them in a feature-rich environment. A core component of TeSS’...

DOI pending

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