Learning from Crowds with Crowd-Kit

Python Submitted 24 September 2023Published 06 April 2024

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Dmitry Ustalov (0000-0002-9979-2188), Nikita Pavlichenko (0000-0002-7330-393X), Boris Tseitlin (0000-0001-8553-4260)


Ustalov et al., (2024). Learning from Crowds with Crowd-Kit. Journal of Open Source Software, 9(96), 6227, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.06227

@article{Ustalov2024, doi = {10.21105/joss.06227}, url = {https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.06227}, year = {2024}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {9}, number = {96}, pages = {6227}, author = {Dmitry Ustalov and Nikita Pavlichenko and Boris Tseitlin}, title = {Learning from Crowds with Crowd-Kit}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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crowdsourcing data labeling answer aggregation truth inference learning from crowds machine learning quality control data quality

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