matscipy: materials science at the atomic scale with Python

C++ C Meson Python Ruby Submitted 10 July 2023Published 28 January 2024

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Petr Grigorev (0000-0002-6409-9092), Lucas Frérot (0000-0002-4138-1052), Fraser Birks (0009-0008-9117-0393), Adrien Gola (0000-0002-5102-1931), Jacek Golebiowski (0000-0001-8053-8318), Jan Grießer (0000-0003-2149-6730), Johannes L. Hörmann (0000-0001-5867-695X), Andreas Klemenz (0000-0001-5677-5639), Gianpietro Moras (0000-0002-4623-2881), Wolfram G. Nöhring (0000-0003-4203-755X), Jonas A. Oldenstaedt (0000-0002-7475-3019), Punit Patel, Thomas Reichenbach (0000-0001-7477-6248), Thomas Rocke (0000-0002-4612-9112), Lakshmi Shenoy (0000-0001-5760-3345), Michael Walter (0000-0001-6679-2491), Simon Wengert (0000-0002-8008-1482), Lei Zhang (0000-0003-4414-7111), James R. Kermode (0000-0001-6755-6271), Lars Pastewka (0000-0001-8351-7336)


Grigorev et al., (2024). matscipy: materials science at the atomic scale with Python. Journal of Open Source Software, 9(93), 5668,

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Material Science Atomistic simulations

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