Cabana: A Performance Portable Library for Particle-Based Simulations

Dockerfile C++ C Submitted 28 January 2022Published 10 April 2022

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Stuart Slattery (0000-0003-0103-888X), Samuel Temple Reeve (0000-0002-4250-9476), Christoph Junghans (0000-0003-0925-1458), Damien Lebrun-Grandié (0000-0003-1952-7219), Robert Bird, Guangye Chen, Shane Fogerty, Yuxing Qiu, Stephan Schulz, Aaron Scheinberg, Austin Isner, Kwitae Chong, Stan Moore, Timothy Germann, James Belak, Susan Mniszewski


Slattery et al., (2022). Cabana: A Performance Portable Library for Particle-Based Simulations. Journal of Open Source Software, 7(72), 4115,

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Kokkos particles molecular dynamics N-body cosmology particle-in-cell

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