lenstronomy II: A gravitational lensing software ecosystem

Ruby Python Submitted 03 May 2021Published 08 June 2021

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Simon Birrer (0000-0003-3195-5507), Anowar J. Shajib (0000-0002-5558-888X), Daniel Gilman (0000-0002-5116-7287), Aymeric Galan (0000-0003-2547-9815), Jelle Aalbers (0000-0003-0030-0030), Martin Millon (0000-0001-7051-497X), Robert Morgan (0000-0002-7016-5471), Giulia Pagano (0000-0002-3636-0767), Ji Won Park (0000-0002-0692-1092), Luca Teodori, Nicolas Tessore (0000-0002-9696-7931), Madison Ueland, Lyne Van de Vyvere (0000-0002-0585-4203), Sebastian Wagner-Carena (0000-0001-5039-1685), Ewoud Wempe (0000-0001-8232-4188), Lilan Yang (0000-0002-8434-880X), Xuheng Ding (0000-0001-8917-2148), Thomas Schmidt (0000-0002-2772-8160), Dominique Sluse (0000-0001-6116-2095), Ming Zhang, Adam Amara (0000-0003-3481-3491)


Birrer et al., (2021). lenstronomy II: A gravitational lensing software ecosystem. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(62), 3283, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.03283

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astronomy gravitational lensing image simulations dynamics

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