libCEED: Fast algebra for high-order element-based discretizations

C C++ Cuda Submitted 04 January 2021Published 09 July 2021

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Jed Brown (0000-0002-9945-0639), Ahmad Abdelfattah (0000-0001-5054-4784), Valeria Barra (0000-0003-1129-2056), Natalie Beams (0000-0001-6060-4082), Jean-Sylvain Camier (0000-0003-2421-1999), Veselin Dobrev (0000-0003-1793-5622), Yohann Dudouit (0000-0001-5831-561X), Leila Ghaffari (0000-0002-0965-214X), Tzanio Kolev (0000-0002-2810-3090), David Medina, Will Pazner (0000-0003-4885-2934), Thilina Ratnayaka (0000-0001-6102-6560), Jeremy Thompson (0000-0003-2980-0899), Stan Tomov (0000-0002-5937-7959)


Brown et al., (2021). libCEED: Fast algebra for high-order element-based discretizations. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(63), 2945,

@article{Brown2021, doi = {10.21105/joss.02945}, url = {}, year = {2021}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {6}, number = {63}, pages = {2945}, author = {Jed Brown and Ahmad Abdelfattah and Valeria Barra and Natalie Beams and Jean-Sylvain Camier and Veselin Dobrev and Yohann Dudouit and Leila Ghaffari and Tzanio Kolev and David Medina and Will Pazner and Thilina Ratnayaka and Jeremy Thompson and Stan Tomov}, title = {libCEED: Fast algebra for high-order element-based discretizations}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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high-performance computing high-order methods finite elements spectral elements matrix-free

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