DeepReg: a deep learning toolkit for medical image registration

Python Submitted 01 September 2020Published 04 November 2020

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Yunguan Fu (0000-0002-1184-7421), Nina Montaña Brown (0000-0001-5685-971X), Shaheer U. Saeed (0000-0002-5004-0663), Adrià Casamitjana (0000-0002-0539-3638), Zachary M. c. Baum (0000-0001-6838-335X), Rémi Delaunay (0000-0002-0398-4995), Qianye Yang (0000-0003-4401-5311), Alexander Grimwood (0000-0002-2608-2580), Zhe Min (0000-0002-8903-1561), Stefano B. Blumberg (0000-0002-7150-9918), Juan Eugenio Iglesias (0000-0001-7569-173X), Dean C. Barratt (0000-0003-2916-655X), Ester Bonmati (0000-0001-9217-5438), Daniel C. Alexander (0000-0003-2439-350X), Matthew J. Clarkson (0000-0002-5565-1252), Tom Vercauteren (0000-0003-1794-0456), Yipeng Hu (0000-0003-4902-0486)


Fu et al., (2020). DeepReg: a deep learning toolkit for medical image registration. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(55), 2705,

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TensorFlow medical image registration image fusion deep learning neural networks

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