AMReX: a framework for block-structured adaptive mesh refinement

C++ Fortran C Submitted 23 March 2019Published 12 May 2019

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Weiqun Zhang (0000-0001-8092-1974), Ann Almgren (0000-0003-2103-312X), Vince Beckner, John Bell (0000-0002-5749-334X), Johannes Blaschke (0000-0002-6024-3990), Cy Chan (0000-0001-6881-827X), Marcus Day (0000-0002-1711-3963), Brian Friesen (0000-0002-1572-1631), Kevin Gott (0000-0003-3244-5525), Daniel Graves (0000-0001-9730-7217), Max P. Katz (0000-0003-0439-4556), Andrew Myers (0000-0001-8427-8330), Tan Nguyen (0000-0003-3748-403X), Andrew Nonaka (0000-0003-1791-0265), Michele Rosso (0000-0001-8126-7425), Samuel Williams (0000-0002-8327-5717), Michael Zingale (0000-0001-8401-030X)


Zhang et al., (2019). AMReX: a framework for block-structured adaptive mesh refinement. Journal of Open Source Software, 4(37), 1370,

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adaptive mesh refinement block-structured finite volume partial differential equations

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