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jronayne / PyTransport

PyTransport constitutes a straightforward code written in C++ together with Python scripts which automatically edit, compile and run the C++ code as a Python module.
Primarily the module employs...

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physicsdavid / mPicker

A set of functions to allow visual artists to develop interactive 3D artistic concepts in p5.js without requiring significant programming expertise, in the spirit of the Processing and p5.js...

DOI pending

boisgera / bitstream

Bitstream is a Python library to manage binary data as bitstreams.

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dartsim / dart

DART provides data structures and algorithms for kinematic and dynamic applications in robotics and computer animation. DART is distinguished by its accuracy and stability due to its use of...

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howardjp / phonics

Provides a collection of phonetic algorithms including Soundex, Metaphone, NYSIIS, Caverphone, and others in R

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Genomon-Project / paplot

We introduce paplot, the software for generating dynamic reports that are frequently necessary in the post analyticalphases of cancer genome studies.
The "interactive" nature of the...

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ropensci / codemetar

The Codemeta Project defines a JSON-LD'format for describing software metadata, as detailed at This package provides utilities to generate, parse, and modify...

ros-controls / joss_paper

In recent years the Robot Operating System (ROS) has become the 'de facto' standard framework for robotics software development. The ros_control framework provides the capability to implement and...

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weecology / retriever

The Data Retriever is a package manager for data. The Data Retriever automates the process of downloading, cleaning, and standardizing tabular datasets, and importing them into relational...

databio / simpleCache

simpleCache is an R package providing functions for caching R objects. Its purpose is to encourage writing reusable, restartable, and reproducible analysis pipelines for projects with massive data...

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