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keblu / nse

nse is an R package for computing the numerical standard error (NSE), an estimate of the standard deviation of a simulation result, if the simulation experiment were to be repeated many times.The...

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reichlab / flusight

flusight is a tool for visualizing infectious disease forecasts. It provides an interactive interface for real-time comparison, exploration, and evaluation of infectious disease forecast models...

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ArdiaD / RiskPortfolios

RiskPortfolios is an R package providing a collection of functions designed to compute risk-based portfolios dedicated to portfolio managers and quantitative analysts.

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arcaravaggi / remBoot

The Random Encounter Model is a new method of increasing popularity which allows the calculation of animal densities from camera trap data. remBoot is the first package to implement REM...

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biogo / hts

bíogo/hts provides a Go native implementation of the SAM specification for SAM and BAM alignment formats, the BAI, CSI and tabix indexing formats,...

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nhejazi / biotmle

biotmle is an R package facilitating biomarker discovery by generalizing the moderated t-statistic of Smyth for use with statistical target parameters such as the Average Treatment Effect (ATE)....

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bmcage / odes

ODES is a scikit offering extra ode/dae solvers, as an extension to what is available in scipy, with a high level interface.

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biogo / biogo

a simple high-performance bioinformatics toolkit for the Go language

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JNisk / AncesTrim

AncesTrim is a Python tool used to trim complex pedigrees. Visualization of pedigrees is often an important step in genetic studies, yet some pedigree data may have complicated relatedness...

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bradleyboehmke / KraljicMatrix

KraljicMatrix is an R package that implements a quantified approach to the Kraljic Matrix (1983) introduced by Montgomery et al. (2017). It has two main goals: i) Apply single and multi-attribute...

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