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ropensci / jstor

Functions and helpers to import metadata, n-grams and full-texts delivered by Data for Research (DfR) by JSTOR.

The package has been reviewed and accepted by rOpenSci.

vsoch / containershare

Containershare is an open source library of containers and template software to serve discoverable image metadata, inspection, and version controlled containers.

rrrlw / TDAstats

TDAstats is an R package that provides a faster and more comprehensive pipeline for topological data analysis than is currently available (in any programming language). It has three main functions:...

ropensci / nomisr

An R interface to access UK official labour market statistics and census data from the 'Nomis' database, based around statistical geographies.

andrewthomasjones / logKDE

The goal of logKDE is to provide a set of functions for kernel density estimation on the positive domain, using log-kernel density functions, for the R programming environment. In order to...

lumenlearning / rise

The RISE package leverages student learning data and course design data to help designers of educational materials identify portions of their courses that are not effectively supporting student...

vincentarelbundock / countrycode

Government agencies and research labs use different codes to identify countries, which can be a headache for analysts who need to merge datasets from different sources. This package helps...

pdwaggoner / hhi

The hhi package allows for simple calculation and visualization of Herfindahl-Hirschman Index scores. The paper is in the "paper" folder within the "hhi" repository.

JohnCoene / sigmajs

An R package that bridges R and the sigma.js JavaScript library for graph visualisation; provides Shiny proxies, is crosstalk integrated and highly configurable.

lucydot / effmass

effmass is a Python 3 package for calculating various definitions of effective mass from the electronic band structure of a semiconducting material. It contains a core class that calculates the...

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