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vmtk / vmtk

The Vascular Modeling Toolkit is a collection of libraries and tools for 3D reconstruction, geometric analysis, mesh generation and surface data analysis for image-based modeling of blood vessels.

ropensci / suppdata

suppdata is an R package to provide easy, reproducible access to supplemental materials within R. Thus suppdata facilitates open, reproducible research workflows: scientists re-analyzing published...

stephenturner / qqman

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified thousands of human trait-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms. The qqman R package enables the flexible creation of manhattan plots,...

ropensci / EndoMineR

This is a package written in R to allow the extraction, cleaning and analysis of endoscopic and pathological data taken from medical reports. It provides a full suite of tools for the analysis of...

juliohm / GeoStats.jl

An extendable framework for high-performance geostatistics in Julia.

ropensci / qualtRics

his package focuses on the retrieval of survey data using the Qualtrics API and aims to reduce the pre-processing steps needed to prepare this data for analysis. It also supports the import of...

anhoej / qicharts2

qicharts2 is an R package with functions for making run charts, Shewhart control charts and Pareto charts for continuous quality improvement.

bblankrot / ParticleScattering.jl

ParticleScattering is a Julia package for computing the electromagnetic fields scattered by a large number of two-dimensional particles, as well as optimizing particle parameters for various...

mikldk / malan

MAle Lineage ANlysis by simulating genealogies backwards and imposing short tandem repeats (STR) mutations forwards. Intended for forensic Y chromosomal STR (Y-STR) haplotype analyses. Numerous...

achennu / microbenthos

Modeling framework for microbenthic habitats useful for studies in biogeochemistry and marine microbial ecology. The MicroBenthos package, written in python, provides abstractions and simple...

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