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mpascariu / ungroup

ungroup is an R package that introduces a versatile method for ungrouping binned count data assuming that counts are Poisson distributed and that the underlying sequence over a fine grid to be...

dirmeier / datastructures

datastructures is an R package that uses Boost and STL data types and exports these into R. With this a new range of data structures is offered to R users that so far missed in the language...

scikit-tda /

We provide a renovated and cross-platform Python implementation of Ripser, a blazingly fast persistent cohomology package. We incorporating features such as operability with sparse matrices,...

gallantlab / cottoncandy

cottoncandy is a python scientific library for storing and accessing numpy array data from cloud-based object stores. cottoncandy obviates the need to write (or read) numpy array data to disk as an...

ropensci / jstor

Functions and helpers to import metadata, n-grams and full-texts delivered by Data for Research (DfR) by JSTOR.

The package has been reviewed and accepted by rOpenSci.

williamsbenjamin / blendR

This R package (blendR) gives four estimators for combining a non-probability sample with a probability sample, in a capture-recapture sample setting, and example data from Texas Parks and...

j-andrews7 / Genotify

Genotify collates gene annotation data from dozens of data sources to quickly provide a comprehensive overview of a gene's function, expression patterns, disease associations, and more in one...

vsoch / containershare

Containershare is an open source library of containers and template software to serve discoverable image metadata, inspection, and version controlled containers.

ejhigson / nestcheck

A Python package for analysing nested sampling results. Calculates uncertainties on results, performs diagnostic tests and creates plots.

pvlib / pvlib-python

pvlib python is a community-supported open source tool that provides a set of functions and classes for simulating the performance of photovoltaic energy systems.

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