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andim / noisyopt

Noisyopt is a Python library for local optimization of functions based on noisy evaluations.

DOI pending

gboeing / osmnx

OSMnx is a Python package for downloading OpenStreetMap street network data, constructing it into a NetworkX graph, then calculating shortest paths and analyzing, projecting, and visualizing the...

DOI pending

gboeing / pynamical

Pynamical is a Python package for modeling, simulating, and visualizing discrete nonlinear dynamical systems, chaos, and fractals. Pynamical addresses the need for a fast, simple, extensible, free,...

DOI pending

sanger-pathogens / saffrontree

Fast, reference-free pseudo-phylogenomic trees from raw reads or contigs, by utilising the k-mer profiles between samples.

DOI pending

ITWM-TVFS / Ensight4Matlab

This packages provides a C++ based library to process e.g. CFD data sets in EnSight Gold format, which you can directly link to your application. Additionally, it provides a language binding for...

DOI pending

MonashBioinformaticsPlatform / varistran

Noise in RNA-seq read count data is commonly modelled as following a negative binomial distribution, where the variance is a quadratic function of the expression level. Varistran transforms read...

DOI pending

domoritz / label_generator

The repository provides software to train a neural network to detect text in screen images. The repository also provides code that generates training data by extracting figures and text masks from...

DOI pending

ETCBC / text-fabric

Text-Fabric is a Python3 package for Text plus Annotations.
It provides a data model, a text file format, and a binary format for (ancient) text plus (linguistic) annotations.

DOI pending

howardjp / bumblebees

Virtual Bumblebees is a generalization of the Langton Ant that allows for three cell states.

DOI pending

mpastell / weave.jl

Weave is a tool for writing scientific reports using Julia. It allows writing of text, mathematics and code in a single document which can be run capturing results into a rich report.

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