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ropensci / nasapower

nasapower aims to make it quick and easy to automate downloading NASA-POWER global meteorology, surface solar energy and climatology data in your R session as a tidy data frame tibble object for...

whimian / pyGeoPressure

pyGeoPressure is a python package for geopressure (pore pressure) prediction with well log data and seismic velocity data in the field of hydrocarbon exploration.

landlab / landlab

The surface of the Earth reflects the competing advection of rock by tectonic processes and the erosion of rock by wind, water, and ice. Rock properties influence erosion rates by changing the...

ropensci / piggyback

An approach for managing larger data files on a github repository. See This package was reviewed in the rOpenSci onboarding:...

ejhigson / perfectns

perfectns performs dynamic and standard nested sampling in spherically symmetric cases which allow the algorithms to be followed perfectly. This is extremely useful for statistical research into...

jrosen48 / tidyLPA

An interface in the R Statistical Software to the mclust package to easily carry out latent profile analysis ("LPA"). Provides functionality to estimate commonly-specified models and follows a...

volfpeter / localclustering

Python implementation, description, and evaluation of a novel local graph clustering algorithm and its variants, accompanied by ranking utilities.

ejhigson / dyPolyChord

dyPolyChord is a dynamic nested sampling package for efficient Bayesian computation, and is compatible with Python, C++ and Fortran likelihoods.

Note that while dyPolyChord is fully open...

Geodels / eSCAPE

eSCAPE is a parallel landscape evolution model, built to simulate Earth surface dynamics at global scale and over geological times. The model is primarily designed to address problems related to...

cmendl / pytenet

Python implementation of quantum tensor network operations and simulations, in particular the matrix product state framework

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