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cokelaer / spectrum

Spectrum is a Python library. It contains tools to estimate Power Spectral Densities based on Fourier transform, Parametric methods or eigenvalues analysis.

DOI pending

bjmorgan / bsym

bsym is a Python module containing classes for symmetry analysis using matrix representations; e.g. configuration spaces, symmetry operations, and configurations. The primary intended use-case is...

DOI pending

Astrodude11 / NIRSPEC-Data-Reduction-Pipeline

NSDRP is an automated data reduction and numerical analysis tool developed for high-resolution data in the 0.947 – 2.63 micron region for the NIRSPEC instrument at the Keck Observatory. It produces...

DOI pending

uglymol / uglymol

WebGL-based macromolecular viewer for primarily for crystallographers.

DOI pending

ComPlot is a visualisation library of Ferret scripts that aims to create intuitive plots that compare one or more climate model simulation outputs with one or more observational datasets.

DOI pending

sepandhaghighi / pyrgg

pyrgg is a synthetic random graph generator written in python based on DIMACS formats.

this application get :

  • vertices number
  • max weight
  • min weight
  • max edge number(for each...
DOI pending

ropensci / rtimicropem

Supports the input and reproducible analysis of RTI MicroPEM output files.

DOI pending

Moduland / Orangetool

Orangetool is a python library that consist of some useful control functions , developed for single-board computers like raspberry pi , orange pi and ...
these scripts provides simple and fast...

DOI pending

paulgovan / BayesianNetwork

BayesianNetwork is a shiny web application for Bayesian Network modeling and analysis, powered by the bnlearn package for Bayesian Network learning.

DOI pending

ropensci / bittrex

Package bittrex is an R implementation of the REST interface used by the Bittrex crypto-currency exchange. It provides functions for endpoints supported by the exchange. This includes the ability...

DOI pending

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