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BenjaK / scanstatistics

The R package scanstatistics enables the detection of anomalous space-time clusters using the scan statistics methodology.

DOI pending

fakenmc / micompm

micompm is a MATLAB/Octave toolbox for comparing multivariate samples associated with different groups. This technique is independent of the distributional properties of samples and automatically...

DOI pending

mdbloice / Augmentor

Augmentor is an image augmentation library for machine learning. It employs a stochastic approach using building blocks that allow for image operations to be pieced together in a pipeline. It is...

DOI pending

ropensci / bomrang

Provides functions to interface with Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) data, fetching data and returning a tidy data frame of précis forecasts, current weather data from stations,...

athrom / CytobankAPIstats

This software allows for the processing of cytometry data from Cytobank in conjunction with the CRAN package 'CytobankAPI', reducing the amount of time required for cytometry data analysis.

DOI pending

haythamfayek / MatDL

MatDL is an open-source lightweight deep learning library native in MATLAB that implements some most commonly used deep learning algorithms. MatDL is ideal for rapid machine learning research and...

DOI pending

bebatut / enasearch

ENASearch is a Python library to search and retrieve data from European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) database. It also allows for rich querying support by accessing different fields, filters or...

DOI pending

MIT-LCP / false-alarm-reduction

This code provides tools to decrease the false alarm rate for cardiac arrhythmias in the intensive care unit. It explores a baseline algorithm based on an algorithm published by Plesinger, et al....

DOI pending

ornlneutronimaging / ImagingReso

ImagingReso is an open-source Python library that simulates the neutron resonance signal for neutron imaging measurements. By defining the sample information such as density, thickness in the...

DOI pending

neutrons / web_reflectivity

We describe a web interface for neutron and X-ray reflectivity fitting. Although modern python-based code exists for reflectivity modeling, no full-featured web interface front-end exists to help...

DOI pending

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