ropensci / stats19

This R package provides tools to download, clean and analyse the UK road collision data collected using the 'STATS19' form. The data are provided as 'CSV' files with detailed road safety data about...

mathLab / BladeX

In the BladeX Python package we implemented the bottom-up construction of blades given the radial distribution of pitch, skew, rake, chord, and camber of the sectional profiles. We also provide...

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meolic / biddy

Biddy is a multi-platform Binary Decision Diagrams package to be used in applications that needs to manipulate Boolean functions or combination sets. The application BDD Scout, which is bundled...

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garrettj403 / QMix

QMix calculates the quantum tunneling currents in superconductor/insulator/superconductor (SIS) junctions. These junctions are used in astronomy to create extremely sensitive heterodyne receivers.

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andrewthomasjones / BoltzMM

BoltzMM is an R package which provides probability computation, data generation, and model estimation for fully-visible Boltzmann machines.

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axopy / axopy

AxoPy is a system for creating human-computer interface experiments involving the use of electrophysiological signals, such as electromyography (EMG) or electroencephalography (EEG). It is intended...

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sivaramambikasaran / HODLR

HODLRlib is a flexible library for working with matrices that have a Hierarchical Off-Diagonal Low-Rank (HODLR) structure. The current version performs matrix operations like matrix-vector...

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bjmorgan / pyscses

pyscses is an open source python package for modelling ionic space charge regions in crystalline solids. Taking input of atomically resolved positions and defect segregation energies it solves a 1D...

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Aquaveo / xmsinterp

xmsinterp is a spatial interpolation library. It is used in commercial applications ( - GMS, SMS, WMS) as well as research.

The library supports both 2D (x,y) and 3D (x,y,z)...

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MikeHeiber / KMC_Lattice

KMC_Lattice is a lightweight, object-oriented C++ library that contains a general framework for creating custom kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) simulation software tools.

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