terrytangyuan / autoplotly

The autoplotly package is an extension built on top of R packages ggplot2, plotly, and ggfortify to provide functionalities to automatically generate interactive visualizations for many...

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pascal-ballet / matrixstudio

Matrix Studio is an Open Source Integrated Development Environment to code in pure OpenCL. It allows the coding and execution of OpenCL functions, kernels and their scheduling with an advanced...

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reefpicker / AquaTracker

AquaTracker is a program I began developing while I was at NOAA. Its written in VB6.0. The installation package is available at the NOAA website:

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ropensci / ijtiff

Correctly import TIFF files that were saved from 'ImageJ' and write TIFF files than can be correctly read by 'ImageJ' https://imagej.nih.gov/ij/. Full support for TIFF files with floating point...

rasbt / mlxtend

MLxtend is a library that implements a variety of core algorithms and utilities for machine learning and data mining. The primary goal of MLxtend is to make commonly used tools accessible to...

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jordibc / mapelia

This software manipulates images with maps and creates 3D models with the elevations projected on a sphere. It includes several tools to aid in the construction of such models for use as...

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atmoschem / EmissV

Methods to create vehicular and other emissions by a top-down approach for use in numeric air quality models.

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ropensci / hydroscoper

hydroscoper is an R interface to the Greek National Data Bank for Hydrological and Meteorological Information, Hydroscope.

ellessenne / comorbidity

comorbidity is an R package for computing comorbidity scores. The Charlson score and the Elixhauser are supported, using both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 diagnostic data; parallel computing is also...

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zedtaha / nardl

Computes the nonlinear cointegrating autoregressive distributed lag model with p lags of the dependent variable and q lags of independent variables proposed by (Shin, Yu & Greenwood-Nimmo, 2014...

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