icepyx: querying, obtaining, analyzing, and manipulating ICESat-2 datasets

Python Submitted 03 October 2022Published 12 April 2023

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Jessica Scheick (0000-0002-3421-4459), Wei Ji Leong (0000-0003-2354-1988), Kelsey Bisson (0000-0003-4230-3467), Anthony Arendt (0000-0003-0429-6905), Shashank Bhushan (0000-0003-3712-996X), Zachary Fair (0000-0002-6047-1723), Norland Raphael Hagen (0000-0003-1994-1153), Scott Henderson (0000-0003-0624-4965), Friedrich Knuth (0000-0003-1645-1984), Tian Li (0000-0002-1577-4004), Zheng Liu (0000-0003-4132-8136), Romina Piunno (0009-0000-1144-0915), Nitin Ravinder, Landung "Don" Setiawan (0000-0002-1624-2667), Tyler Sutterley (0000-0002-6964-1194), Jp Swinski, Anubhav (0000-0003-4017-2862)


Scheick et al., (2023). icepyx: querying, obtaining, analyzing, and manipulating ICESat-2 datasets. Journal of Open Source Software, 8(84), 4912,

@article{Scheick2023, doi = {10.21105/joss.04912}, url = {}, year = {2023}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {8}, number = {84}, pages = {4912}, author = {Jessica Scheick and Wei Ji Leong and Kelsey Bisson and Anthony Arendt and Shashank Bhushan and Zachary Fair and Norland Raphael Hagen and Scott Henderson and Friedrich Knuth and Tian Li and Zheng Liu and Romina Piunno and Nitin Ravinder and Landung "Don" Setiawan and Tyler Sutterley and Jp Swinski and Anubhav}, title = {icepyx: querying, obtaining, analyzing, and manipulating ICESat-2 datasets}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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