SkyPy: A package for modelling the Universe

Submitted 15 February 2021Published 10 September 2021

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Adam Amara (0000-0003-3481-3491), Lucia F. de la Bella (0000-0002-1064-3400), Simon Birrer (0000-0003-3195-5507), Sarah Bridle (0000-0002-0128-1006), Juan Pablo Cordero (0000-0002-6625-7656), Ginevra Favole (0000-0002-8218-563X), Ian Harrison (0000-0002-4437-0770), Ian W. Harry (0000-0002-5304-9372), William G. Hartley (0000-0001-9994-1115), Coleman Krawczyk (0000-0001-9233-2341), Andrew Lundgren (0000-0002-0363-4469), Brian Nord (0000-0001-6706-8972), Laura K. Nuttall (0000-0002-8599-8791), Richard P. Rollins (0000-0003-1291-1023), Philipp Sudek (0000-0001-8685-2308), Sut-Ieng Tam (0000-0002-6724-833X), Nicolas Tessore (0000-0002-9696-7931), Arthur E. Tolley (0000-0001-9841-943X), Keiichi Umetsu (0000-0002-7196-4822), Andrew R. Williamson (0000-0002-7627-8688), Laura Wolz (0000-0003-3334-3037)


Amara et al., (2021). SkyPy: A package for modelling the Universe. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(65), 3056,

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astronomy astrophysics cosmology simulations

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