SkyPy: A package for modelling the Universe

Submitted 15 February 2021Published 10 September 2021

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Adam Amara (0000-0003-3481-3491), Lucia F. de la Bella (0000-0002-1064-3400), Simon Birrer (0000-0003-3195-5507), Sarah Bridle (0000-0002-0128-1006), Juan Pablo Cordero (0000-0002-6625-7656), Ginevra Favole (0000-0002-8218-563X), Ian Harrison (0000-0002-4437-0770), Ian W. Harry (0000-0002-5304-9372), William G. Hartley (0000-0001-9994-1115), Coleman Krawczyk (0000-0001-9233-2341), Andrew Lundgren (0000-0002-0363-4469), Brian Nord (0000-0001-6706-8972), Laura K. Nuttall (0000-0002-8599-8791), Richard P. Rollins (0000-0003-1291-1023), Philipp Sudek (0000-0001-8685-2308), Sut-Ieng Tam (0000-0002-6724-833X), Nicolas Tessore (0000-0002-9696-7931), Arthur E. Tolley (0000-0001-9841-943X), Keiichi Umetsu (0000-0002-7196-4822), Andrew R. Williamson (0000-0002-7627-8688), Laura Wolz (0000-0003-3334-3037)


Amara et al., (2021). SkyPy: A package for modelling the Universe. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(65), 3056,

@article{Amara2021, doi = {10.21105/joss.03056}, url = {}, year = {2021}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {6}, number = {65}, pages = {3056}, author = {Adam Amara and Lucia F. de la Bella and Simon Birrer and Sarah Bridle and Juan Pablo Cordero and Ginevra Favole and Ian Harrison and Ian W. Harry and William G. Hartley and Coleman Krawczyk and Andrew Lundgren and Brian Nord and Laura K. Nuttall and Richard P. Rollins and Philipp Sudek and Sut-Ieng Tam and Nicolas Tessore and Arthur E. Tolley and Keiichi Umetsu and Andrew R. Williamson and Laura Wolz}, title = {`SkyPy`: A package for modelling the Universe}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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astronomy astrophysics cosmology simulations

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