HPX - The C++ Standard Library for Parallelism and Concurrency

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Hartmut Kaiser (0000-0002-8712-2806), Patrick Diehl (0000-0003-3922-8419), Adrian S. Lemoine, Bryce Adelstein Lelbach (0000-0002-7995-5226), Parsa Amini (0000-0002-6439-8404), Agustín Berge, John Biddiscombe (0000-0002-6552-2833), Steven R. Brandt (0000-0002-7979-2906), Nikunj Gupta (0000-0003-0525-3667), Thomas Heller (0000-0003-2620-9438), Kevin Huck (0000-0001-7064-8417), Zahra Khatami (0000-0001-6654-6856), Alireza Kheirkhahan (0000-0002-4624-4647), Auriane Reverdell (0000-0002-5531-0458), Shahrzad Shirzad (0000-0001-9496-8044), Mikael Simberg (0000-0002-7238-8935), Bibek Wagle (0000-0001-6619-7115), Weile Wei (0000-0002-3065-4959), Tianyi Zhang (0000-0002-1000-4887)


Kaiser et al., (2020). HPX - The C++ Standard Library for Parallelism and Concurrency. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(53), 2352, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.02352

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