spam: Software for Practical Analysis of Materials

Python Submitted 20 May 2020Published 13 July 2020

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Olga Stamati (0000-0002-7492-2134), Edward Andò (0000-0001-5509-5287), Emmanuel Roubin (0000-0002-5748-139X), Rémi Cailletaud (0000-0002-1373-7031), Max Wiebicke (0000-0001-9556-8579), Gustavo Pinzon (0000-0002-6526-7393), Cyrille Couture (0000-0001-9073-3926), Ryan C. Hurley (0000-0003-1652-635X), Robert Caulk (0000-0001-5618-8629), Denis Caillerie, Takashi Matsushima (0000-0002-2553-7643), Pierre Bésuelle (0000-0001-9586-4888), Félix Bertoni, Tom Arnaud, Alejandro Ortega Laborin (0000-0001-9026-5288), Riccardo Rorato, Yue Sun (0000-0002-9154-282X), Alessandro Tengattini (0000-0003-0320-3340), Olumide Okubadejo, Jean-Baptiste Colliat, Mohammad Saadatfar, Fernando E. Garcia (0000-0001-7993-0347), Christos Papazoglou, Ilija Vego (0000-0003-4426-3382), Sébastien Brisard (0000-0002-1976-6263), Jelke Dijkstra (0000-0003-3792-0727), Georgios Birmpilis (0000-0002-8353-693X)


Stamati et al., (2020). spam: Software for Practical Analysis of Materials. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(51), 2286,

@article{Stamati2020, doi = {10.21105/joss.02286}, url = {}, year = {2020}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {5}, number = {51}, pages = {2286}, author = {Olga Stamati and Edward Andò and Emmanuel Roubin and Rémi Cailletaud and Max Wiebicke and Gustavo Pinzon and Cyrille Couture and Ryan C. Hurley and Robert Caulk and Denis Caillerie and Takashi Matsushima and Pierre Bésuelle and Félix Bertoni and Tom Arnaud and Alejandro Ortega Laborin and Riccardo Rorato and Yue Sun and Alessandro Tengattini and Olumide Okubadejo and Jean-Baptiste Colliat and Mohammad Saadatfar and Fernando E. Garcia and Christos Papazoglou and Ilija Vego and Sébastien Brisard and Jelke Dijkstra and Georgios Birmpilis}, title = {`spam`: Software for Practical Analysis of Materials}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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C/C++ material science mechanics of materials granular mechanics digital image correlation digital volume correlation mesh projection morphology

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