MoFEM: An open source, parallel finite element library

C++ Submitted 04 May 2019Published 25 January 2020

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Łukasz Kaczmarczyk (0000-0002-8468-5435), Zahur Ullah (0000-0002-1612-9066), Karol Lewandowski, Xuan Meng, Xiao-Yi Zhou, Ignatios Athanasiadis, Hoang Nguyen, Christophe-Alexandre Chalons-Mouriesse, Euan J. Richardson, Euan Miur, Andrei G. Shvarts, Mebratu Wakeni, Chris J. Pearce


Kaczmarczyk et al., (2020). MoFEM: An open source, parallel finite element library. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(45), 1441,

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Finite element method Solid mechanics Fluid mechanics Fracture mechanics Biomechanics HPC

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