VIVO: a system for research discovery

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Michael Conlon (0000-0002-1304-8447), Andrew Woods (0000-0002-8318-4225), Graham Triggs (0000-0001-8530-8917), Ralph O'Flinn (0000-0003-4002-1335), Muhammad Javed (0000-0001-9770-7640), Jim Blake (0000-0002-2487-2554), Benjamin Gross (0000-0002-7908-1987), Qazi Azim Ijaz Ahmad (0000-0001-8959-6370), Sabih Ali (0000-0002-7140-8754), Martin Barber (0000-0001-7924-0741), Don Elsborg, Kitio Fofack (0000-0002-6187-4436), Christian Hauschke (0000-0003-2499-7741), Violeta Ilik (0000-0003-2588-3084), Huda Khan (0000-0001-5156-4621), Ted Lawless (0000-0002-3287-5202), Jacob Levernier (0000-0003-1563-7314), Brian Lowe (0000-0002-8143-6345), Jose Luis Martin, Steve McKay, Simon Porter (0000-0002-6151-8423), Tatiana Walther (0000-0001-8127-2988), Marijane White, Stefan Wolff, Rebecca Younes


Conlon et al., (2019). VIVO: a system for research discovery. Journal of Open Source Software, 4(39), 1182,

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ontology semantic-web linked-data research-discovery open-scholarship linked-open-data open-science

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