VIVO: a system for research discovery

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Michael Conlon (0000-0002-1304-8447), Andrew Woods (0000-0002-8318-4225), Graham Triggs (0000-0001-8530-8917), Ralph O'Flinn (0000-0003-4002-1335), Muhammad Javed (0000-0001-9770-7640), Jim Blake (0000-0002-2487-2554), Benjamin Gross (0000-0002-7908-1987), Qazi Azim Ijaz Ahmad (0000-0001-8959-6370), Sabih Ali (0000-0002-7140-8754), Martin Barber (0000-0001-7924-0741), Don Elsborg, Kitio Fofack (0000-0002-6187-4436), Christian Hauschke (0000-0003-2499-7741), Violeta Ilik (0000-0003-2588-3084), Huda Khan (0000-0001-5156-4621), Ted Lawless (0000-0002-3287-5202), Jacob Levernier (0000-0003-1563-7314), Brian Lowe (0000-0002-8143-6345), Jose Luis Martin, Steve McKay, Simon Porter (0000-0002-6151-8423), Tatiana Walther (0000-0001-8127-2988), Marijane White, Stefan Wolff, Rebecca Younes


Conlon et al., (2019). VIVO: a system for research discovery. Journal of Open Source Software, 4(39), 1182,

@article{Conlon2019, doi = {10.21105/joss.01182}, url = {}, year = {2019}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {4}, number = {39}, pages = {1182}, author = {Michael Conlon and Andrew Woods and Graham Triggs and Ralph O'Flinn and Muhammad Javed and Jim Blake and Benjamin Gross and Qazi Azim Ijaz Ahmad and Sabih Ali and Martin Barber and Don Elsborg and Kitio Fofack and Christian Hauschke and Violeta Ilik and Huda Khan and Ted Lawless and Jacob Levernier and Brian Lowe and Jose Luis Martin and Steve McKay and Simon Porter and Tatiana Walther and Marijane White and Stefan Wolff and Rebecca Younes}, title = {VIVO: a system for research discovery}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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