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Netwulf: Interactive visualization of networks in Python

Python users who work with networks have few good options for visualizing their networks. To date, the most straight-forward thing you can do is use the draw function in networkx, but this rarely yields good looking networks and may require minutes to render large graphs. If you want something that looks good you currently have to save your network to a file and load it with a dedicated tool like Gephi or Cytoscape.

Netwulf enables interactive network visualization directly from Python. Given a network, G, in either dictionary or networkx.Graph format, users can call netwulf.visualize(G) to launch a Javascript-based, d3-powered, interactive visualization of the network. They can style and layout it however they like, and when they are happy with the way it looks they can post the style and computed node-positions back to Python for further processing or rendering with Matplotlib.

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