REMix: A GAMS-based framework for optimizing energy system models

Python GAMS Submitted 06 September 2023Published 08 July 2024

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Manuel Wetzel (0000-0001-7838-2414), Eugenio Salvador Arellano Ruiz (0000-0003-2508-3976), Francesco Witte (0000-0003-4019-0390), Jens Schmugge (0000-0002-8889-682X), Shima Sasanpour (0000-0002-7502-6841), Madhura Yeligeti (0000-0002-9643-465X), Fabia Miorelli (0000-0001-5095-5401), Jan Buschmann (0009-0002-8626-8413), Karl-Kiên Cao (0000-0002-9720-0337), Niklas Wulff (0000-0002-4659-6984), Hedda Gardian (0000-0003-1113-0225), Alexander Rubbert (0000-0001-6621-9900), Benjamin Fuchs (0000-0002-7820-851X), Yvonne Scholz (0000-0002-1633-3825), Hans Christian Gils (0000-0001-6745-6609)


Wetzel et al., (2024). REMix: A GAMS-based framework for optimizing energy system models. Journal of Open Source Software, 9(99), 6330,

@article{Wetzel2024, doi = {10.21105/joss.06330}, url = {}, year = {2024}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {9}, number = {99}, pages = {6330}, author = {Manuel Wetzel and Eugenio Salvador Arellano Ruiz and Francesco Witte and Jens Schmugge and Shima Sasanpour and Madhura Yeligeti and Fabia Miorelli and Jan Buschmann and Karl-Kiên Cao and Niklas Wulff and Hedda Gardian and Alexander Rubbert and Benjamin Fuchs and Yvonne Scholz and Hans Christian Gils}, title = {REMix: A GAMS-based framework for optimizing energy system models}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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energy systems modeling optimization renewable energy systems

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