pyGeo: A geometry package for multidisciplinary design optimization

Python Submitted 09 March 2023Published 19 July 2023

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Hannah M. Hajdik (0000-0002-5103-7159), Anil Yildirim (0000-0002-1814-9191), Ella Wu (0000-0001-8856-9661), Benjamin J. Brelje (0000-0002-9819-3028), Sabet Seraj (0000-0002-7364-0071), Marco Mangano (0000-0001-8495-3578), Joshua L. Anibal (0000-0002-7795-2523), Eirikur Jonsson (0000-0002-5166-3889), Eytan J. Adler (0000-0002-8716-1805), Charles A. Mader (0000-0002-2744-1151), Gaetan K. w. Kenway (0000-0003-1352-5458), Joaquim R. r. a. Martins (0000-0003-2143-1478)


Hajdik et al., (2023). pyGeo: A geometry package for multidisciplinary design optimization. Journal of Open Source Software, 8(87), 5319,

@article{Hajdik2023, doi = {10.21105/joss.05319}, url = {}, year = {2023}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {8}, number = {87}, pages = {5319}, author = {Hannah M. Hajdik and Anil Yildirim and Ella Wu and Benjamin J. Brelje and Sabet Seraj and Marco Mangano and Joshua L. Anibal and Eirikur Jonsson and Eytan J. Adler and Charles A. Mader and Gaetan K. w. Kenway and Joaquim R. r. a. Martins}, title = {pyGeo: A geometry package for multidisciplinary design optimization}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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