Eureka!: An End-to-End Pipeline for JWST Time-Series Observations

Python Cython Submitted 03 June 2022Published 03 November 2022

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Taylor J. Bell (0000-0003-4177-2149), Eva-Maria Ahrer (0000-0003-0973-8426), Jonathan Brande (0000-0002-2072-6541), Aarynn L. Carter (0000-0001-5365-4815), Adina D. Feinstein (0000-0002-9464-8101), Giannina {Guzman Caloca} (0000-0001-6340-8220), Megan Mansfield (0000-0003-4241-7413), Sebastian Zieba (0000-0003-0562-6750), Caroline Piaulet (0000-0002-2875-917X), Björn Benneke (0000-0001-5578-1498), Joseph Filippazzo (0000-0002-0201-8306), Erin M. May (0000-0002-2739-1465), Pierre-Alexis Roy (0000-0001-6809-3520), Laura Kreidberg (0000-0003-0514-1147), Kevin B. Stevenson (0000-0002-7352-7941)


Bell et al., (2022). Eureka!: An End-to-End Pipeline for JWST Time-Series Observations. Journal of Open Source Software, 7(79), 4503,

@article{Bell2022, doi = {10.21105/joss.04503}, url = {}, year = {2022}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {7}, number = {79}, pages = {4503}, author = {Taylor J. Bell and Eva-Maria Ahrer and Jonathan Brande and Aarynn L. Carter and Adina D. Feinstein and Giannina {Guzman Caloca} and Megan Mansfield and Sebastian Zieba and Caroline Piaulet and Björn Benneke and Joseph Filippazzo and Erin M. May and Pierre-Alexis Roy and Laura Kreidberg and Kevin B. Stevenson}, title = {Eureka!: An End-to-End Pipeline for JWST Time-Series Observations}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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JWST HST astronomy exoplanets spectroscopy photometry

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