mmrefpoints: Projecting long-term marine mammal abundance with bycatch

R Submitted 02 November 2021Published 15 March 2022

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Margaret C. Siple (0000-0002-4260-9856), André E. Punt (0000-0001-8489-2488), Tessa B. Francis (0000-0002-3383-5392), Philip S. Hammond (0000-0002-2381-8302), Dennis Heinemann (0000-0002-1434-2445), Kristy J. Long (0000-0001-6970-0935), Jeffrey Moore (0000-0003-3715-7442), Maritza Sepúlveda (0000-0002-1403-176X), Randall R. Reeves (0000-0002-6512-6507), Guðjón Már Sigurðsson (0000-0001-9390-6693), Gísli Víkingsson (0000-0002-4501-193X), Paul R. Wade (0000-0003-2428-9323), Rob Williams (0000-0001-7496-453X), Alexandre N. Zerbini (0000-0002-9776-6605)


Siple et al., (2022). mmrefpoints: Projecting long-term marine mammal abundance with bycatch. Journal of Open Source Software, 7(71), 3888,

@article{Siple2022, doi = {10.21105/joss.03888}, url = {}, year = {2022}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {7}, number = {71}, pages = {3888}, author = {Margaret C. Siple and André E. Punt and Tessa B. Francis and Philip S. Hammond and Dennis Heinemann and Kristy J. Long and Jeffrey Moore and Maritza Sepúlveda and Randall R. Reeves and Guðjón Már Sigurðsson and Gísli Víkingsson and Paul R. Wade and Rob Williams and Alexandre N. Zerbini}, title = {mmrefpoints: Projecting long-term marine mammal abundance with bycatch}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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Shiny marine mammal bycatch

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