SNEWPY: A Data Pipeline from Supernova Simulations to Neutrino Signals

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Amanda L. Baxter, Segev BenZvi (0000-0001-5537-4710), Joahan Castaneda Jaimes, Alexis Coleiro, Marta Colomer Molla (0000-0003-1801-8121), Damien Dornic, Spencer Griswold (0000-0002-7321-7513), Tomer Goldhagen, Anne Graf, Alec Habig (0000-0002-1018-9383), Remington Hill, Shunsaku Horiuchi (0000-0001-6142-6556), James P. Kneller (0000-0002-3502-3830), Mathieu Lamoureux (0000-0002-8860-5826), Rafael F. Lang (0000-0001-7594-2746), Massimiliano Lincetto (0000-0002-1460-3369), Jost Migenda (0000-0002-5350-8049), McKenzie Myers (0000-0002-2901-9173), Evan O'Connor, Andrew Renshaw (0000-0003-2913-8057), Kate Scholberg (0000-0002-7007-2021), Andrey Sheshukov (0000-0001-5128-9279), Jeff Tseng (0000-0003-1731-5853), Christopher Tunnell (0000-0001-8158-7795), Navya Uberoi, Arkin Worlikar


Baxter et al., (2021). SNEWPY: A Data Pipeline from Supernova Simulations to Neutrino Signals. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(67), 3772,

@article{Baxter2021, doi = {10.21105/joss.03772}, url = {}, year = {2021}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {6}, number = {67}, pages = {3772}, author = {Amanda L. Baxter and Segev BenZvi and Joahan Castaneda Jaimes and Alexis Coleiro and Marta Colomer Molla and Damien Dornic and Spencer Griswold and Tomer Goldhagen and Anne Graf and Alec Habig and Remington Hill and Shunsaku Horiuchi and James P. Kneller and Mathieu Lamoureux and Rafael F. Lang and Massimiliano Lincetto and Jost Migenda and McKenzie Myers and Evan O'Connor and Andrew Renshaw and Kate Scholberg and Andrey Sheshukov and Jeff Tseng and Christopher Tunnell and Navya Uberoi and Arkin Worlikar}, title = {SNEWPY: A Data Pipeline from Supernova Simulations to Neutrino Signals}, journal = {Journal of Open Source Software} }
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