TE-dependent analysis of multi-echo fMRI with tedana

Python Submitted 09 March 2021Published 12 October 2021

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Elizabeth DuPre (0000-0003-1358-196X), Taylor Salo (0000-0001-9813-3167), Zaki Ahmed (0000-0001-5648-0590), Peter A. Bandettini (0000-0001-9038-4746), Katherine L. Bottenhorn (0000-0002-7796-8795), César Caballero-Gaudes (0000-0002-9068-5810), Logan T. Dowdle (0000-0002-1879-705X), Javier Gonzalez-Castillo (0000-0002-6520-5125), Stephan Heunis (0000-0003-3503-9872), Prantik Kundu (0000-0001-9367-3068), Angela R. Laird (0000-0003-3379-8744), Ross Markello (0000-0003-1057-1336), Christopher J. Markiewicz (0000-0002-6533-164X), Stefano Moia (0000-0002-2553-3327), Isla Staden (0000-0002-0795-1154), Joshua B. Teves (0000-0002-7767-0067), Eneko Uruñuela (0000-0001-6849-9088), Maryam Vaziri-Pashkam (0000-0003-1830-2501), Kirstie Whitaker (0000-0001-8498-4059), Daniel A. Handwerker (0000-0001-7261-4042)


DuPre et al., (2021). TE-dependent analysis of multi-echo fMRI with tedana. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(66), 3669, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.03669

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fMRI neuroimaging

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