PyAutoLens: Open-Source Strong Gravitational Lensing

Python Submitted 27 October 2020Published 20 February 2021

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James. W. Nightingale (0000-0002-8987-7401), Richard G. Hayes, Ashley Kelly (0000-0003-3850-4469), Aristeidis Amvrosiadis (0000-0002-4465-1564), Amy Etherington, Qiuhan He (0000-0003-3672-9365), Nan Li (0000-0001-6800-7389), XiaoYue Cao, Jonathan Frawley (0000-0002-9437-7399), Shaun Cole (0000-0002-5954-7903), Andrea Enia (0000-0002-0200-2857), Carlos S. Frenk (0000-0002-2338-716X), David R. Harvey (0000-0002-6066-6707), Ran Li (0000-0003-3899-0612), Richard J. Massey (0000-0002-6085-3780), Mattia Negrello (0000-0002-7925-7663), Andrew Robertson (0000-0002-0086-0524)


Nightingale et al., (2021). PyAutoLens: Open-Source Strong Gravitational Lensing. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(58), 2825,

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astronomy gravitational lensing galaxies cosmology

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