Rdataretriever: R Interface to the Data Retriever

R Submitted 05 October 2020Published 06 January 2021

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Henry Senyondo (0000-0001-7105-5808), Daniel J. McGlinn (0000-0003-2359-3526), Pranita Sharma (0000-0002-5871-380X), David J. Harris (0000-0003-3332-9307), Hao Ye (0000-0002-8630-1458), Shawn D. Taylor (0000-0002-6178-6903), Jeroen Ooms (0000-0002-4035-0289), Francisco Rodríguez-Sánchez (0000-0002-7981-1599), Karthik Ram (0000-0002-0233-1757), Apoorva Pandey (0000-0001-9834-4415), Harshit Bansal (0000-0002-3285-812X), Max Pohlman, Ethan P. White (0000-0001-6728-7745)


Senyondo et al., (2021). Rdataretriever: R Interface to the Data Retriever. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(57), 2800, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.02800

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data retrieval, data processing, R, data, data science, datasets

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