sbpy: A Python module for small-body planetary astronomy

Python Submitted 01 May 2019Published 22 June 2019

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Michael Mommert (0000-0002-8132-778X), Michael S. p. Kelley (0000-0002-6702-7676), Miguel de Val-Borro (0000-0002-0455-9384), Jian-Yang Li (0000-0003-3841-9977), Giannina Guzman (0000-0001-6340-8220), Brigitta Sipőcz (0000-0002-3713-6337), Josef Ďurech, Mikael Granvik (0000-0002-5624-1888), Will Grundy (0000-0002-8296-6540), Nick Moskovitz (0000-0001-6765-6336), Antti Penttilä (0000-0001-7403-1721), Nalin Samarasinha (0000-0001-8925-7010)


Mommert et al., (2019). sbpy: A Python module for small-body planetary astronomy. Journal of Open Source Software, 4(38), 1426,

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python astronomy solar system planetary science small bodies asteroids comets meteoroids trojans centaurs kuiper belt objects trans-neptunian objects

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