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Our package, stripy, is a python, numpy-based interface to the TRIPACK and STRIPACK Fortran code for (constrained) triangulation in Cartesian coordinates and on a sphere, respectively [@Renka1996a; @Renka1997a] and includes routines from SRFPACK and SSRFPACK for interpolation (nearest neighbour, linear, and hermite cubic) and to evaluate derivatives [@Renka1996b; @Renka1997b]. Our focus in developing an augmented set of wrappers for a venerable and widely used set of fortran subroutines has been on ease of use so that triangulated or scattered data on the sphere can be brought quickly into interactive jupyter notebooks for analysis and interrogation.

Note: We are pointing you to the "paper" branch of the repository which will remain a snapshot of the submission and review process as we continue to receive pull requests and make fixes on the master branch.

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