lawn: An R client for the Turf Javascript Library for Geospatial Analysis


lawn is an R package to provide access to the geospatial analysis capabilities in the Turf javascript library (R Core Team 2016; Herlocker 2016). Turf expects data in GeoJSON format. Given that many datasets are now available natively in GeoJSON providing an easier method for conducting geospatial analyses on these datasets in R is desired. Additionally, many existing packages (e.g. sp and rgeos) do provide similar analysis capabilities; however, they require data be converted to sp objects and also have external dependencies (e.g. gdal and geos) that can be challenging to maintain on some systems (Roger S Bivand, Pebesma, and Gómez-Rubio 2013; Roger S. Bivand and Rundel 2016; GDAL Development Team 2015; Team 2016). To address these challenges and facilitate geospatial analysis of GeoJSON formatted data, we developed the lawn package.


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