shawnbanasick / kade

KADE is a desktop application that provides interactive data visualizations for the analysis of Q methodology data.

KateHyoung / UTDEventData

UTDEventData is an R library that provides access to the political event datasets on the UTD event data server, including Phoenix, ICEWS, TERRIER, and Cline Center datasets.

naturalis / wgs2ncbi

Submitting annotated genomes to NCBI GenBank is a complicated, iterative process due to all the quality checks that NCBI's review process entails. This toolkit automates part of this process,...

Samsung / uJVM

uJVM is an experimental JVM implementation for embedded systems developed as a part of research effort in creating cross-platform framework for resource-constricted H/W platforms, including IoT,...

neurodsp-tools / neurodsp

NeuroDSP is a package of tools to process, analyze, and simulate neural recordings as individual voltage time series, with specific focus on time and frequency domain analyses.

lucask07 / instrbuilder

instrbuilder is an open-source Python package for control of electrical instruments such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, and function generators. Our goals are to accelerate the development of...

maximtrp / scikit-posthocs

A Python package for pairwise multiple comparison post hoc tests and outliers detection

annoviko / pyclustering

pyclustering is an open source data mining library written in Python and C++ that provides a wide range of clustering algorithms and methods including bio-inspired oscillatory networks for data...

stenskjaer / samewords

Samewords is a piece of software that automatically annotates potentially ambiguous words in critical text editions made with LaTeX and reledmac. It is written in Python.

PyWavelets / pywt

PyWavelets is a Python package for wavelet analysis. The discrete wavelet transforms in PyWavelets are n-dimensional and support use with both real and complex-valued data, making them applicable...