stulp / dmpbbo

This C++ and Python library provides an implementation of dynamical movement primitives (Dmp) and black-box optimization (Bbo). Its main purpose is to program robots to perform complex motor skills.

ModelOriented / pyCeterisParibus

pyCeterisParibus is a Python library implementing Ceteris Paribus Plots. They allow understanding how the model response would change if a selected variable is changed. It’s a perfect tool for...

dpzwick / ppiclF

ppiclF is a parallel particle-in-cell library written in Fortran. Its main purpose is to provide a unified and scalable interface for a user to solve a particle-in-cell based system of differential...

justinalsing / dlmmc

A collection of statistical models, implemented in Stan (with a python interface), for analyzing climate and atmospheric time-series data with dynamical linear modeling (DLM).

mviereck / x11docker

x11docker allows to run GUI applications in Docker containers.
It is useful for computational reproducibility and reusability of research analyses.

PMEAL / porespy

PoreSpy is a Python package providing a suite of functions for analyzing volumetric images of porous materials. Functionality includes conventional tools such as two-point correlation,...

edifice1989 / rocker-c-rex

C-REx implements a novel statistical method that was designed to assess significance of differences in RNA expression levels among specified groups of genes. This Shiny web application called C-REx...

FranzKrah / rGUIDANCE

The R package rGUIDANCE computes multiple sequence alignment confidence scores (sequence alignment reliability).

RobWHickman / ggparliament

ggparliament is a R package for visualizing legislatures. It handles different parliaments, regardless of the number of legislators, political parties or design of the legislature. It is a ggplot2...

usnistgov / CEGO

CEGO is a global optimization library that combines age-layering and differential evolution, and can be extended to implement alternative optimization approaches.