DannyArends / CTLmapping

CTL mapping is a novel approach to detect genetic regulation of phenotypes in natural and experimental populations. It is a method which complements classical QTL analysis, providing additional...

chtheodoro / Habfuzz

Habfuzz is a fortran tool, which implements the fuzzy inference process to calculate the instream habitat suitability, given the flow velocity, the water depth and the substrate type of a...

bihealth / vcfpy

VCFPy provides a well-documented, easy to use, and pythonic interface to reading and writing VCF files.
It supports VCF v4.3, reading and writing of both plain-text and bgzip-compressed VCF files,...

zmjones / edarf

Functions useful for exploratory data analysis using random forests which can be used to compute multivariate partial dependence, observation, class, and variable-wise marginal and joint...

jiemakel / las

LAS is a command-line tool for lemmatizing, morphological analysis, inflected form generation, hyphenation and language identification of multiple languages.

carlganz / rintrojs

A wrapper for the 'intro.js' library. This package makes it easy to include step-by-step introductions, and clickable hints in a 'Shiny' application.

SebastianBocquet / pygtc

pygtc is a software package that produces parameter covariance plots from the output of MCMC or similar algorithms. It is designed to create beautiful, publication-ready figures in a very...

sanger-pathogens / gff3toembl.git

Converts GFF3 annotated assemblies into a format suitable for submission to EMBL. This is an essential missing step for open, reproducible genomic science and has been used to submit over 30% of...

kbarbary / sep

Python and C library for source extraction and photometry on astronomical images.

paulcon / active_subspaces

The Python Active-subspaces Utility Library provides tools for discovering and exploiting an active subspace in a complex science or engineering simulation model with several input parameters.