jrosen48 / tidyLPA

An interface in the R Statistical Software to the mclust package to easily carry out latent profile analysis ("LPA"). Provides functionality to estimate commonly-specified models and follows a...

drvinceknight / Nashpy

This is a Python library for computing Nash equilibria. The library has standard scientific python dependencies (numpy and scipy) ensuring readability and portability.

raamana / mrivis

mrivis provides easy ways to perform non-trivial medical image visualization tasks, as well as a base development kit to build even more customized visualizations.

Geodels / eSCAPE

eSCAPE is a parallel landscape evolution model, built to simulate Earth surface dynamics at global scale and over geological times. The model is primarily designed to address problems related to...

stulacy / multistateutils

multistateutils is an R package that provides functionalities for estimating statistics from multi-state models using discrete event simulation.
It provides an implementation of a discrete event...

atmoschem / EmissV

Methods to create vehicular and other emissions by a top-down approach for use in numeric air quality models.


GrainSizeTools is a script for the analysis of grain size data obtained from different sources of 2D image acquisition (optical microscopy, SEM-EBSD) and image analysis.

quanteda / quanteda

A fast, flexible, and comprehensive framework for quantitative text analysis in R. Provides functionality for corpus management, creating and manipulating tokens and ngrams, exploring keywords in...

Benjamin-Lee / CodonAdaptationIndex

This software package enables the efficient calculation of codon adaptation index, relative synonymous codon usage, and relative adaptedness via both an API and a CLI.

cole-brokamp / DeGAUSS

DeGAUSS is a standalone, container-based application that can produce geocodes and derive community and environmental exposures while maintaining the confidentiality of private health information...