arviz-devs / arviz

ArviZ is a library that allows for exploratory analysis and model criticism of Bayesian models. ArviZ is intended to be a common library across inference libraries such as PyMC3, Stan, emcee, pyro,...

psychrometrics / psychrolib

PsychroLib is a software library for estimating dry, moist, saturated properties of air, and standard atmosphere written in Python, C, Fortran, JavaScript, and Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for...

plooney / kretz

ITK based software to enable research on 3D ultrasound.

IAMconsortium / pyam

At its core, pyam is a tool that enables researchers to easily explore, categorize, and visualize scenario data such as the scenario ensembles assessed by the IPCC. By providing a common mechanism...

AnyBody-Research-Group / AnyPyTools

The AnyPyTools package provides a Python interface to automate multibody musculoskeletal model simulations in the AnyBody Modeling System. AnyPyTools enables reproducible research for the AnyBody...

xiangfstats / GenieR

genieR is an R package (R Core Team (2016)) for the inference of demographic history from reconstructed molecular phylogenies,modeled after the C++ package GENIE (Pybus and Rambaut 2002).

PingjunChen / tissueloc

tissueloc is a python package for tissue localization in whole slide pathology image.

uqLab / stedy

STEDY is a software package based on MATLAB to enable researchers to simulate dynamics of tensegrity structures.

kpeeters / cadabra2

Cadabra2 is a computer algebra system with functionality designed specifically for the solution of problems in (quantum) field theory.

KVSlab / bloodflow

This package implements the 1D blood flow equations using the finite element framework FEniCS. The package provides tools for modelling blood flow through a network of arteries by solving a 1D...