underworldcode / UWGeodynamics

The UWGeodynamics module facilitates development of 2D and 3D thermo-mechanical geodynamic models (Subduction, Rift, Passive Margins, Orogenic systems etc.). It is designed to be used for research...

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maximtrp / scikit-posthocs

A Python package for pairwise multiple comparison post hoc tests and outliers detection

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kpeeters / cadabra2

Cadabra2 is a computer algebra system with functionality designed specifically for the solution of problems in (quantum) field theory.


swsc reduces the combinatorially explosive search space for effective ultraconserved element (UCE) partitioning schemes through use of a candidate window plus extension procedure. It is a...

zhangning737 / rdbsp.git

rdbsp is designed to simulate the process of displacement field redistribution and stress wave propagation in deep underground rock with finite element method and forward Euler time integration...

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psychrometrics / psychrolib

PsychroLib is a software library for estimating dry, moist, saturated properties of air, and standard atmosphere written in Python, C, Fortran, JavaScript, and Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for...

usnistgov / CEGO

CEGO is a global optimization library that combines age-layering and differential evolution, and can be extended to implement alternative optimization approaches.

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igarizio / py-school-match

Py-school-match is an open-source Python package that implements multiple matching algorithms in order to assign students to schools.

ScottKolo / suitesparse-matrix-collection-website

A dynamic, filterable, searchable web interface for the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection, formerly known as the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection. It is currently deployed for use by the...

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gift-surg / Xono2L

Xono2L is a LabVIEW-compatible C++ API that facilitates ultrasound imaging research with the LabVIEW rapid system-design and development environment. Xono2L is intended as a flexible API that can...

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