MTgeophysics / mtpy

MTPy is an open source Python package to assist with magnetotelluric data processing, analysis, modelling, visualization and interpretation.

WMD-group / SMACT

SMACT is a collection of tools that uses data about chemical elements to enable rapid screening based on chemical composition. Large sets of hypothetical chemical compositions can be created and,...

naturalis / wgs2ncbi

Submitting annotated genomes to NCBI GenBank is a complicated, iterative process due to all the quality checks that NCBI's review process entails. This toolkit automates part of this process,...

ModelOriented / pyCeterisParibus

pyCeterisParibus is a Python library implementing Ceteris Paribus Plots. They allow understanding how the model response would change if a selected variable is changed. It’s a perfect tool for...

AMReX-Codes / amrex

AMReX is a C++ software framework that supports the development of block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) algorithms for solving systems of partial differential equations (PDEs) with...

mviereck / x11docker

x11docker allows to run GUI applications in Docker containers.
It is useful for computational reproducibility and reusability of research analyses.

singularityhub / container-tree

Container technology is the unit of operation to ensure everything from scientific reproducibility to reliable enterprise deployment. However, despite this growing popularity, the actual study of...

brandondube / prysm

prysm is a module for optical simulation and anlysis using Fourier/Physical optics methods.

mancellin / capytaine

Capytaine is a complete refactoring of the open source linear potential flow solver Nemoh, with a more modern implementation and a Python user interface.
It is meant to be used to compute the...


The tool aims to guess the RNA-Seq library type used to generate paired or single end read files.

DOI pending