HBClab / NiBetaSeries

NiBetaSeries measures the correlations of activity between brain regions while engaged in a task.

DOI pending

zabore / riskclustr

A collection of functions related to the study of etiologic heterogeneity both across disease subtypes and across individual disease markers. The included functions allow one to quantify the extent...

bcbi / REDCap.jl

REDCAP.jl is a Julia frontend for the RedCap API. It handles records and allows for an easy to use interface outside of the web GUI.

DOI pending

mikldk / mitolina

Software to simulate populations of mitogenomes using R and C++ via Rcpp. Such simulations are useful to for example estimate the distribution of number of individuals sharing a mitogenome which is...

tqdm / tqdm

A progress bar library designed to be fast and extensible, wrapping python iterables and monitoring CLI pipes with minimal effort. Currently receiving 5 million downloads per month and never...

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dfki-ric / phobos

An add-on for Blender allowing to create URDF, SDF and SMURF robot models in a WYSIWYG environment. It allows to build complex models using the powerful Blender editing tools. It supports import...

DOI pending

python-hydro / pyro2

pyro is a computational hydrodynamics code that presents two-dimensional solvers for advection, compressible hydrodynamics, diffusion, incompressible hydrodynamics, and multigrid, all in a...

neurodsp-tools / neurodsp

NeuroDSP is a package of tools to process, analyze, and simulate neural recordings as individual voltage time series, with specific focus on time and frequency domain analyses.

hiclib / iced

iced implements fast and memory efficient normalization methods for 3C-like contact counts maps.

JedS6391 / LGP

This software package provides a framework for performing Linear Genetic programming to solve a wide range of problems. The software is implemented using Kotlin, on top of the JVM and offers a...

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