federeghe / chronovise

The chronovise framework computes probabilistic distribution of the Worst-Case Execution Time from the observed execution times of a given task. The framework is provided as a static C++ library...

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ECSIM / opem

The Open-Source PEMFC Simulation Tool (OPEM) is a modelling tool for evaluating the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells. This package is a combination of some models (static/dynamic)...

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octapps / octapps

Gravitational waves are minute ripples in spacetime, first predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity in 1916. The OctApps library provides various functions, written in Octave, intended...

hooman650 / BioSigKit

BioSigKit is a set of Matlab (The MathWorks Inc., Natick, USA) tools for analysis and visualization of bio-signals, specifically Electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings.

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ryneches / SuchTree

SuchTree is a Python library that supports analysis of very large phylogenetic trees. It is designed to address coevolution in microbial communities, and provides efficient subgraph extraction for...

achennu / microbenthos

Modeling framework for microbenthic habitats useful for studies in biogeochemistry and marine microbial ecology. The MicroBenthos package, written in python, provides abstractions and simple...

gomesdasilva / ACTIN.

ACTIN is a Python program to calculate stellar activity indices. These indices can be used to study stellar activity per se, or to compare variations in the stellar atmospheres with RV signals....

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lebebr01 / pdfsearch

The software builds on the pdftools R package to add keyword searching capability. The audience for the package is aimed at social scientists or those conducting research syntheses and meta analyses.

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momargoh / MCycle

MCycle allows users to analyse thermodynamic power cycles and their individual components, as well as size cycle components to defined cycle design parameters.

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ropensci / tokenizers

This R package offers functions with a consistent interface to convert natural language text into tokens. This package has already been peer reviewed by rOpenSci:...