sdwfrost / Gillespie.jl

Gillespie.jl is a Julia package for performing Gillespie-type stochastic simulations.

sbogutzky / PsychoPhysioPipeline

The PsychoPhysioPipeline is a pipeline of several small R programs for segmenting the collected data of the PsychoPhysioCollector, for identifying potential implicit flow characteristics and for...

sbogutzky / PsychoPhysioCollector

The PsychoPhysioCollector is an App for Android OS to collect physiological, kinematical data by internal and external sensors and subjective data by questionnaires


DoSOCS is an open source project written in Python to assist organizations in effectively responding to the risks associated with open source engagement. DoSOCS takes a two-pronged approach to help...

juliasilge / tidytext

The tidytext package is an R package for text mining using tidy data principles. This package provides functions and supporting data sets to allow conversion of text to and from tidy formats, and...

michaellevy / gwdegree

This is a Shiny application intended to provide better understanding of how geometrically-weighted degree terms function in exponential random graph models of networks.

jiemakel / las

LAS is a command-line tool for lemmatizing, morphological analysis, inflected form generation, hyphenation and language identification of multiple languages.

msmbuilder / osprey

Osprey is a tool for practical hyperparameter optimization of machine learning algorithms. It’s designed to provide a practical, easy to use way for application scientists to find parameters that...

EducationalTestingService / rsmtool

RSMTool is a python package for facilitating research on building and evaluating scoring models for automated scoring engines. It allows the integration of educational measurement practices with...

zoran-cuckovic / QGIS-visibility-analysis

This plugin is native to QGIS and intended for more complex modelling of visual landscapes, such as the depth below the visible horizon or generation of intervisibilty networks between groups of...