sanger-pathogens / mlst_check

This tool allows for Multilocus sequence typing against 124 databases in pubMLST, covering all of the major human pathogens.

openeventdata / petrarch2

The PETRARCH2 coding program implements a new coding algorithm, based on a syntactic constituency parse, to extract who-did-what-to-whom political event data from structured news stories.

sewardlee337 / finreportr

'finreportr' is a R package that automates the downloading and processing of XBRL documents containing financial data for publicly-listed companies from the U.S. Securities and Exchange...

genomematt / survivalvolume

Survival volume is a python package to produce interactive and publication quality pdf plots of volume threshold survival graphs, such as tumour treatment studies.

ropenscilabs / plater

Tools for interacting with data from experiments done in microtiter plates. Easily read in plate-shaped data and convert it to tidy format, combine plate-shaped data with tidy data, and view tidy...

bmcfee / resampy

Resampy is an open source library to do efficient sample rate conversion for time-domain signals.

ViDA-NYU / reprozip

ReproZip is a tool aimed at simplifying the process of creating reproducible experiments from command-line executions, a frequently-used common denominator in computational science.

It tracks...

pboesu / rucrdtw

rucrdtw provides R bindings for the UCR Suite, which implements ultrafast time series subsequence search for a best match under Dynamic Time Warping and Euclidean Distance.

kweis / acronym

Acronym is a Python implementation of an automatic reduction pipeline for the Astrophysical Research Consortium Telescope Imaging Camera (ARCTIC). ARCTIC is an optical-wavelength CCD camera mounted...

scikit-learn-contrib / forest-confidence-interval

Forest-Confidence-Interval is a Python module for calculating variance and adding confidence intervals to scikit-learn random forest regression or classification objects.