atomneb / AtomNeb-idl

AtomNeb is an atomic database made in FITS file format for plasma diagnostics and abundance analysis of ionized nebulae. It is equipped with API functions written in IDL to provide easy access to...

DOI pending

cole-brokamp / DeGAUSS

DeGAUSS is a standalone, container-based application that can produce geocodes and derive community and environmental exposures while maintaining the confidentiality of private health information...

DOI pending

pdwaggoner / hhi

The hhi package allows for simple calculation and visualization of Herfindahl-Hirschman Index scores. The paper is in the "paper" folder within the "hhi" repository.

JohnCoene / sigmajs

An R package that bridges R and the sigma.js JavaScript library for graph visualisation; provides Shiny proxies, is crosstalk integrated and highly configurable.

This software package implements forward mode automatic differentiation in Python and C++, enabling the calculation of derivatives of computed quantities with respect to arbitrary input parameters.

DOI pending

lucydot / effmass

effmass is a Python 3 package for calculating various definitions of effective mass from the electronic band structure of a semiconducting material. It contains a core class that calculates the...

ropensci / phylogram

The phylogram R package is a tool for for developing phylogenetic trees as deeply-nested lists known as "dendrogram" objects. It provides functions for conversion between dendrograms and "phylo"...

cenonn / resample

resample is a Python framework for running user specified bootstraps and drawing a variety of estimates.

DOI pending

christophM / iml

iml is an R package that offers a general toolbox for making machine learning models interpretable.

nismod / ukpopulation

This python package aims unify the retrieval and formatting of UK-wide mid-year estimate, subnational projection, and national population projection data. It also provides a simple methodology for...