CC-HIC / cleanEHR

Essential tools and utility functions to facilitate the data processing pipeline, data cleaning and data analysing of clinical data from Critical Care Health Informatics Collaborative's dataset.

DOI pending

ropensci / GSODR

Provides automated downloading, parsing, cleaning, unit conversion and formatting of Global Surface Summary of the Day (GSOD) weather data from the from the USA National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)...

keblu / nse

nse is an R package for computing the numerical standard error (NSE), an estimate of the standard deviation of a simulation result, if the simulation experiment were to be repeated many times.The...

reichlab / flusight

flusight is a tool for visualizing infectious disease forecasts. It provides an interactive interface for real-time comparison, exploration, and evaluation of infectious disease forecast models...

ArdiaD / RiskPortfolios

RiskPortfolios is an R package providing a collection of functions designed to compute risk-based portfolios dedicated to portfolio managers and quantitative analysts.

arcaravaggi / remBoot

The Random Encounter Model is a new method of increasing popularity which allows the calculation of animal densities from camera trap data. remBoot is the first package to implement REM...

biogo / hts

bĂ­ogo/hts provides a Go native implementation of the SAM specification for SAM and BAM alignment formats, the BAI, CSI and tabix indexing formats,...

nhejazi / biotmle

biotmle is an R package facilitating biomarker discovery by generalizing the moderated t-statistic of Smyth for use with statistical target parameters such as the Average Treatment Effect (ATE)....

DOI pending

bmcage / odes

ODES is a scikit offering extra ode/dae solvers, as an extension to what is available in scipy, with a high level interface.

DOI pending

biogo / biogo

a simple high-performance bioinformatics toolkit for the Go language