MikeHeiber / KMC_Lattice

KMC_Lattice is a lightweight, object-oriented C++ library that contains a general framework for creating custom kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) simulation software tools.

DTUComputeStatisticsAndDataAnalysis / MBPLS

We provide an easy to use Python package for (Multiblock) Partial Least Squares regression of univariate and multivariate outcomes. Four state-of-the-art algorithms have been implemented and...

lucask07 / instrbuilder

instrbuilder is an open-source Python package for control of electrical instruments such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, and function generators. Our goals are to accelerate the development of...

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mir-am / LightTwinSVM

LightTwinSVM is a simple and fast implementation of standard Twin Support Vector Machine. It is licensed under the terms of GNU GPL v3. Anyone who is interested in machine learning and...

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mfroeling / QMRITools

A Mathematica toolbox for quantitative MRI analysis which contains functions for data visualization, Dixon reconstruction, DTI and IVIM analysis, EPG simulations and fitting, and more.

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ybayle / Scyland3D

Scyland3D is a Python tool for converting 3D raw landmark and semilandmark coordinates to a usable format for geometric morphometric analyses. Processing schemes to mirror and reorder these points...

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pankajkmishra / NodeLab

NodeLab is a simple MATLAB-repository for node-generation and adaptive refinement for testing, and implementing various meshfree methods for solving PDEs in arbitrary domains.

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dolfin-adjoint automatically derives and solves the adjoint and tangent linear equations for the finite element frameworks FEniCS and Firedrake.

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JuliaMusic / MIDI.jl

MIDI.jl is a Julia library for handling MIDI files, with special focus on providing intuitive interfaces made for musicians without deep knowledge of computer science.

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arviz-devs / arviz

ArviZ is a library that allows for exploratory analysis and model criticism of Bayesian models. ArviZ is intended to be a common library across inference libraries such as PyMC3, Stan, emcee, pyro,...