camillescott / shmlast

shmlast is a reimplementation of the Conditional Reciprocal Best Hits ( algorithm for finding potential orthologs between a transcriptome and a...

jeff-goldsmith / vbvs.concurrent

The software implements statistical methods for fitting the functional linear concurrent model in R. Supporting methods extract coefficients, compute predicted values for new datasets, and...

mllg / batchtools

Tools for R to work with batch systems managed by schedulers like Slurm, Torque or Docker Swarm. Also offers functionality to compute and manage large scale computer experiments.

kactus2 / kactus2dev

Kactus2 is a graphical EDA tool targeted for packing and assembling building blocks for ASICs and FPGAs, based on the IP-XACT standard. It supports Verilog, VHDL, and other formats.

warrenlr / RAILS

Here, I make available two bioinformatics software tools to exploit this information for automated finishing (software Cobbler) and scaffolding (software RAILS) with long DNA sequences. They can be...

FRIEDA stands for Flexible Robust Intelligent Elastic Data Management. Scientific applications are increasingly using cloud resources for their data analysis workflows. FRIEDA is a Flexible Robust...

sanger-pathogens / mlst_check

This tool allows for Multilocus sequence typing against 124 databases in pubMLST, covering all of the major human pathogens.

openeventdata / petrarch2

The PETRARCH2 coding program implements a new coding algorithm, based on a syntactic constituency parse, to extract who-did-what-to-whom political event data from structured news stories.

sewardlee337 / finreportr

'finreportr' is a R package that automates the downloading and processing of XBRL documents containing financial data for publicly-listed companies from the U.S. Securities and Exchange...

genomematt / survivalvolume

Survival volume is a python package to produce interactive and publication quality pdf plots of volume threshold survival graphs, such as tumour treatment studies.