xiangfstats / GenieR

genieR is an R package (R Core Team (2016)) for the inference of demographic history from reconstructed molecular phylogenies,modeled after the C++ package GENIE (Pybus and Rambaut 2002).

DOI pending

JoshKarpel / idesolver

IDESolver provides a general-purpose numerical integro-differential equation (IDE) solver based on an iterative algorithm, implemented as Python library.

mpg-age-bioinformatics / bit

bit, [b]ermuda [i]nformation [t]riangle, is a git-based tool for the management of code and data.

DOI pending

bjodah / pyneqsys

Package for numerically solving symbolically defined systems of non-linear equations. Ties computer algebra systems (sympy foremost) and numerical solvers (MINPACK from SciPy, KINSOL from Sundials,...

mathLab / PyDMD

PyDMD implements the dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) algorithm and the majority of its variants. It is an equation-free algorithm, since it relies only on the high-fidelity measurements, like...

rreinecke / global-gradient-based-groundwater-model

The global gradient-based groundwater model framework G³M-f is an extesible model framework.
Its main purpose is to be used as a main building block for the global groundwater mode G³M.
G³M is a...

DOI pending

jakobbossek / grapherator

Set of functions for step-wise generation of (weighted) graphs. Aimed for research in the field of single- and multi-objective combinatorial optimization. Graphs are generated adding nodes, edges...

nterhoeven / reper

reper is a pipeline to detect repetitive sequences in genome sequencing data. The detection is based on kmer frequencies and does not rely on a genome assembly.
This allows an analysis of repeat...

utvisionlab / mixest

Using MixEst, you can fit arbitrary distributions (usually mixture models) to your data set by various optimization techniques, with minimal effort. The toolbox architecture is based on defining...

DOI pending

ropensci / tidyhydat

Provides functions to extract historical and real-time national hydrometric data from Water Survey of Canada data sources http://dd.weather.gc.ca/hydrometric/csv/ and...