symmy596 / SurfinPy

surfinpy is a code designed for the generation of surface phase diagrams from energy minimisation data. It is built in Python, relying on numpy for the calculations and matplotlib for the...

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1313e / PRISM

PRISM is a Python package that provides a user-friendly environment in which (any) model can be analyzed and optimized using a combination of several specialized methods, including the Bayes linear...

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Chilipp / straditize

A software for a semi-automatic digitization of pollen diagrams or other types of stratigraphic diagrams using the command line or a graphical user interface.

richteague / eddy

A set of Python tools which implement recently published methods to recover precise rotation curves and maps from spatially resolved molecular line emission.

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tleonardi / bedparse

Bedparse is a simple python module and CLI tool to perform common operations on BED files. It aims to simplify and standardise many of the operations and feature-extractions commonly done on BED...

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annoviko / pyclustering

pyclustering is an open source data mining library written in Python and C++ that provides a wide range of clustering algorithms and methods including bio-inspired oscillatory networks for data...

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hbodory / causalweight

The R package 'causalweight' has been uploaded on CRAN (The Comprehensive R Archive Network) and is available on The software consists of five...

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Hoosier-Clusters / clusim

Here we introduce CluSim, a comprehensive Python package for the comparison of partitions, overlapping clusterings, and hierarchical clusterings (dendrograms) with more than 20 similarity...

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slu-openGIS / areal

The areal package for R provides a suite of functions for completing areal weighted interpolation, a technique for estimating population values from a set of source spatial data to an...

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kmarkert / cartoee

Earth Engine is a powerful Earth science computing platform with limited functionality for creating high-quality maps for publication without downloading large volumes of data. Cartoee bridges the...