casics / spiral

Spiral is a Python module that provides several different functions for splitting identifiers found in source code files.

brian-rose / climlab

CLIMLAB is an open-ended engine for interactive, process-oriented climate modeling for use in education and research.

terrytangyuan / autoplotly

The autoplotly package is an extension built on top of R packages ggplot2, plotly, and ggfortify to provide functionalities to automatically generate interactive visualizations for many...

reefpicker / AquaTracker

AquaTracker is a program I began developing while I was at NOAA. Its written in VB6.0. The installation package is available at the NOAA website:

DOI pending

ropensci / ijtiff

Correctly import TIFF files that were saved from 'ImageJ' and write TIFF files than can be correctly read by 'ImageJ' Full support for TIFF files with floating point...

rasbt / mlxtend

MLxtend is a library that implements a variety of core algorithms and utilities for machine learning and data mining. The primary goal of MLxtend is to make commonly used tools accessible to...

jordibc / mapelia

This software manipulates images with maps and creates 3D models with the elevations projected on a sphere. It includes several tools to aid in the construction of such models for use as...

DOI pending

atmoschem / EmissV

Methods to create vehicular and other emissions by a top-down approach for use in numeric air quality models.

DOI pending

ropensci / hydroscoper

hydroscoper is an R interface to the Greek National Data Bank for Hydrological and Meteorological Information, Hydroscope.

ellessenne / comorbidity

comorbidity is an R package for computing comorbidity scores. The Charlson score and the Elixhauser are supported, using both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 diagnostic data; parallel computing is also...