ropensci / cde

'cde' is a package for R which facilitates searching and download of the European Union Water Framework Directive reporting data for all waterbodies from the UK Environment Agency Catchment Data...

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DrMichaelLindner / SimonGrataGen

SimonGrataGen is designed to easily create and run experiments to investigate grammar learning tasks using the Simon effect.

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martibosch / swisslandstats-geopy

Extended pandas DataFrame interface for the land statistics inventory from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, which besides conventional DataFrame operations, allows exporting land use/land...

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RuthAngus / stardate

stardate is a software package for inferring precise stellar ages from data. It combines methods such as isochrone fitting and gyrochronology.

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KoesGroup / Snakemake_ChIPseq_PE

An easy, reproducible and flexible Snakemake workflow to analyse and visualise chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing data (ChIP-Seq). The workflow requires minimal configuration from the user...

adswa / multimatch_gaze

multimatch-gaze is a Python based reimplementation of the MultiMatch toolbox for the comparison of scan paths, the temporo-spatial sequence of eye movements captured with eye tracking devices. The...

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medewitt / tidyqwi

Tidyqwi is an R package that provides a way to easily access the US Census' API with multi-state calls, over multiple years, variables and cross-tabulations returning a tidy dataframe with optional...


WRF-CMake adds CMake support to the latest version of the Advanced Research Weather Research and Forecasting model with the intention of streamlining and simplifying its configuration and build...

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An(other) implementation of dual numbers for c++, single header, no dependencies. Includes SSE/AVX vectorization for use with Eigen.

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ryanstwrt / FRIDGe

FRIDGe is an MCNP input deck generator specifically designed for fast reactor core design. The purpose of FRIDGe is to help core designers focus on design iteration and analysis rather than input...

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