ropensci / codemetar

The Codemeta Project defines a JSON-LD'format for describing software metadata, as detailed at This package provides utilities to generate, parse, and modify...

ros-controls / joss_paper

In recent years the Robot Operating System (ROS) has become the 'de facto' standard framework for robotics software development. The ros_control framework provides the capability to implement and...

weecology / retriever

The Data Retriever is a package manager for data. The Data Retriever automates the process of downloading, cleaning, and standardizing tabular datasets, and importing them into relational...

databio / simpleCache

simpleCache is an R package providing functions for caching R objects. Its purpose is to encourage writing reusable, restartable, and reproducible analysis pipelines for projects with massive data...

DOI pending

SCIInstitute / PFEIFER

Preprocessing Framework for Electrograms Intermittently Fiducialized from Experimental Recordings (PFEIFER) is a MATLAB Graphical User Interface designed to process bioelectric signals acquired...

DOI pending

jarvist / PolaronMobility.jl

This Julia package implements a finite-temperature Feynman variational model of a polaron. With some simple parameters specified from an electronic structure calculation (effective masses,...

DOI pending

ResidentMario / missingno

missingno is a Python package providing a suite of tools for visualizing and understanding missing data in a dataset.

DOI pending

JuliaDynamics / DynamicalBilliards.jl

The goals of the package is to provide a flexible and intuitive framework for fast implementation of billiard systems of arbitrary construction. The focus is on high-level design, flexibility and...

dseuss / mpnum

mpnum is a flexible, user-friendly, and expandable Python library for the matrix product/tensor train tensor format.

DOI pending

FullSWOF: Full Shallow-Water equations for Overland Flow, a C++ code for simulation in surface hydrology using a well-balanced finite volume scheme.