laempy / pyoints

Points is a python package to analyse and process point cloud data and images in the field of geoinformatics. It provides data structures and functions to develop, implement and test algorithms...

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simonGreenhill / Treemaker

treemaker is a python program to convert a text-based classification schema into a Newick file for use in phylogenetic and bioinformatic programs. Often research in linguistics or cultural...

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malmaud / TensorFlow.jl

The most popular Julia front end to TensorFlow, utilizing Julia's unique dispatch and metaprogramming features to be more than a simple wrapper over a C library.

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davekinkead / reasons

An open-source, web-based digital argument mapping library supporting research into critical thinking and digital pedagogies.

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edawson / gfakluge

GFAKluge is a C++ API and a set of command line utilities for manipulating genome assemblies in the Graphical Fragment Assembly format(s).

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landlab / landlab

The surface of the Earth reflects the competing advection of rock by tectonic processes and the erosion of rock by wind, water, and ice. Rock properties influence erosion rates by changing the...

ropensci / piggyback

An approach for managing larger data files on a github repository. See This package was reviewed in the rOpenSci onboarding:...

ejhigson / perfectns

perfectns performs dynamic and standard nested sampling in spherically symmetric cases which allow the algorithms to be followed perfectly. This is extremely useful for statistical research into...

JuliaDiff / TaylorSeries.jl

TaylorSeries.jl implements a framework to use and manipulate Taylor series polynomials in one and more independent variables in Julia. It is a basic component for other software project currently...

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jeffmacinnes / mobileGazeMapping

Mobile eye-tracking carries the challenge of translating recorded gaze positions from a moving coordinate system (i.e. the viewer) to a fixed reference system (i.e. the target stimulus). This...

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