julia-wrobel / registr

This R package registers (aligns) misaligned curves that can be continuous or discrete; software has been optimized for computational efficiency and is compatible with interactive graphing software.

mattpitkin / psrqpy

A Python module for accessing data from the ATNF pulsar catalogue.

xiangfstats / GenieR

genieR is an R package (R Core Team (2016)) for the inference of demographic history from reconstructed molecular phylogenies,modeled after the C++ package GENIE (Pybus and Rambaut 2002).

DOI pending

JoshKarpel / idesolver

IDESolver provides a general-purpose numerical integro-differential equation (IDE) solver based on an iterative algorithm, implemented as Python library.

bjodah / pyneqsys

Package for numerically solving symbolically defined systems of non-linear equations. Ties computer algebra systems (sympy foremost) and numerical solvers (MINPACK from SciPy, KINSOL from Sundials,...

mathLab / PyDMD

PyDMD implements the dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) algorithm and the majority of its variants. It is an equation-free algorithm, since it relies only on the high-fidelity measurements, like...

rreinecke / global-gradient-based-groundwater-model

The global gradient-based groundwater model framework G³M-f is an extesible model framework.
Its main purpose is to be used as a main building block for the global groundwater mode G³M.
G³M is a...

jakobbossek / grapherator

Set of functions for step-wise generation of (weighted) graphs. Aimed for research in the field of single- and multi-objective combinatorial optimization. Graphs are generated adding nodes, edges...

nterhoeven / reper

reper is a pipeline to detect repetitive sequences in genome sequencing data. The detection is based on kmer frequencies and does not rely on a genome assembly.
This allows an analysis of repeat...

ropensci / tidyhydat

Provides functions to extract historical and real-time national hydrometric data from Water Survey of Canada data sources http://dd.weather.gc.ca/hydrometric/csv/ and...