atmoschem / eixport

Emissions are mass of pollutants released into the atmosphere. Air quality models needs emission data, with spatial and temporal distribution, to represent air pollutant concentrations. This...

plooney / kretz

ITK based software to enable research on 3D ultrasound.

DOI pending

NiaOrg / NiaPy

NiaPy is a new microframework for building and using nature-inspired algorithms in Python. Stepping stones for the design and implementation of NiaPy were the limitations of existing software, that...

motib / LearnSAT

LearnSAT is a SAT solver designed for teaching and learning SAT solving. It implements modern algorithms such as conflict-driven clause learning, providing detailed textual and graphical tracing,...

JuliaDynamics / DynamicalSystems.jl

DynamicalSystems.jl is a Julia library that offers functionality useful in the study of chaos, nonlinear dynamics
and time-series analysis.

IFB-ElixirFr / edam-browser

The EDAM Browser is a client-side web-based visualization javascript widget. Its goals are to help describing bio-related resources and service with EDAM, and to facilitate and foster community...

iferres / phylen

Phylen is an R package that performs automatic phylogenetic reconstruction given a set of Hidden Markov Models (HMMs). Genomes are screened against these HMMs, genes present in all genomes ("core...

IbrahimTanyalcin / taskq

Promise and requestAnimationFrame based async module system for browsers (ie9+ - evergreen) that supports nested dynamic imports and pause/resume for the main thread

DOI pending

FluxML / Flux.jl

Flux is library for machine learning, written using the numerical computing language Julia, and comparable to libraries like Theano, TensorFlow and PyTorch.

caseyyoungflesh / MCMCvis

MCMCvis is an R package to used to visualize, manipulate, and summarize MCMC output. MCMCvis was designed to perform key functions for MCMC analysis using minimal code, in order to free up time and...