Benjamin-Lee / CodonAdaptationIndex

This software package enables the efficient calculation of codon adaptation index, relative synonymous codon usage, and relative adaptedness via both an API and a CLI.

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robwschlegel / heatwaveR

This software is an R package that provides the code required to calculate and categorise the physical phenomena known as heatwaves and cold-spells. This package is an improvement on a previous R...

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jfjlaros / bin-parser

We present a library that aims to keep the effort of reverse engineering binary file formats to a minimum by providing a framework that enables a programmer to record knowledge about a binary file...

flor14 / paper

Living organisms have different sensitivities to toxicants. This variability can be represented by constructing a species sensitivity distribution (SSD) curve which allows calculating the Hazard...

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drvinceknight / Nashpy

This is a Python library for computing Nash equilibria. The library has standard scientific python dependencies (numpy and scipy) ensuring readability and portability.

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quanteda / quanteda

A fast, flexible, and comprehensive framework for quantitative text analysis in R. Provides functionality for corpus management, creating and manipulating tokens and ngrams, exploring keywords in...

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salabim / salabim

Salabim is a Python package for discrete event simulation, using the same methodology as in Simula, Tomas and must. The powerful animation makes it easy to debug en demonstrate models. Queues,...

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The rowan Python package is a small but complete tool for working with quaternion operations in a generic setting. The package works directly on NumPy arrays and is designed to be easy to install...

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MarionLegrandLogrami / stacomiR

The objective of the stacomi project is to provide a common database for people monitoring fish migration, so that data from watershed are shared, and stocks exchanging between different basins are...

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HajkD / philentropy

An R package that implements a mathematical library of 46 distance and similarity measures for comparing probability density functions.