ejhigson / nestcheck

A Python package for analysing nested sampling results. Calculates uncertainties on results, performs diagnostic tests and creates plots.

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pvlib / pvlib-python

pvlib python is a community-supported open source tool that provides a set of functions and classes for simulating the performance of photovoltaic energy systems.

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raamana / mrivis

mrivis provides easy ways to perform non-trivial medical image visualization tasks, as well as a base development kit to build even more customized visualizations.

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pysal / spvcm

This is a package to estimate spatially-correlated variance components models/varying intercept models. In addition to a general toolkit to conduct Gibbs sampling in Python, the package also...

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emptyport / js-emass

js-emass is a JavaScript module that quickly and accurately calculates the isotopic envelope of a molecule.

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CosmiQ / CometTS

CometTS provides a partially automated approach for analyzing a time series of satellite imagery in any user defined area of interest. The tool calculates relevant statistical quantities (e.g.,...

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DistrictDataLabs / yellowbrick

Yellowbrick is an open source, pure Python project that extends the scikit-learn API with visual analysis and diagnostic tools to facilitate machine learning model selection. Yellowbrick helps...

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rrrlw / TDAstats

TDAstats is an R package that provides a faster and more comprehensive pipeline for topological data analysis than is currently available (in any programming language). It has three main functions:...

ejolly / pymer4

Pymer4 brings multi-level modeling to Python by interfacing with R's lme4 library. Critically, it is tightly integrated with the scientific Python ecosystem (e.g. numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib)...

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ropensci / nomisr

An R interface to access UK official labour market statistics and census data from the 'Nomis' database, based around statistical geographies.