TDAmeritrade / stumpy

STUMPY is a powerful and scalable library that efficiently computes something called the matrix profile, which can be used for a variety of time series data mining tasks such as:


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zfit / phasespace

Python implementation of the Raubold and Lynch method for the generation of n-body decays using Tensorflow as a backend. It also adds the possibility of generating sequential decay chains,...

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AliYoussef96 / BCAW-Tool

BCAW is a tool for codon usage bias analysis, it runs an automated workflow analysis with 23 outputs ready for the interpretation by the user and conducts a whole research study. It is very easy to...

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ropensci / citesdb

citesdb provides convenient access to over 40 years and 20 million records of endangered wildlife trade data and metadata from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild...

MaciejDanko / hopit

Hierarchical Ordered Probit Models with Application to Reporting Heterogeneity

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justusschock / delira

Delira is a high level deep learning framework for medical image computing that simplifies evaluation and comparison of models that are implemented either in PyTorch or Tensorflow.

Note that the...

wikipedia2vec / wikipedia2vec

Wikipedia2Vec is a tool for obtaining embeddings (or vector representations) of words and entities from Wikipedia.

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MLHale / eyestream

Eyestream is a middleware layer that converts and serializes eye tracker data collected from a Gazepoint GP3 into a simple JSON format before streaming it to an application of choice at frequencies...

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finsberg / pulse

pulse is software for solving problems in cardiac mechanics. pulse is based on the open source finite element framework FEniCS.

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marshallward / f90nml

F90nml is a Python module used for importing, manipulating, and writing Fortran namelist files within a Python environment.