jrbourbeau / pyunfold

PyUnfold is an extensible framework for the deconvolution of discrete probability distributions via an iterative unfolding method.

vmtk / vmtk

The Vascular Modeling Toolkit is a collection of libraries and tools for 3D reconstruction, geometric analysis, mesh generation and surface data analysis for image-based modeling of blood vessels.

astorfi / speechpy

SpeechPy is an open source Python package that contains speech preprocessing techniques, speech features, and important post-processing operations. It provides most frequent used speech features...

zfrenchee / NN-SVG

A site for creating parametric diagrams of neural network architectures in three styles, to save researchers the hassle of drawing these diagrams by hand.

DOI pending

ellessenne / rsimsum

rsimsum is an R package for summarising results from Monte Carlo simulation studies. It computes summary statistics, and supports a lot of plots for quick exploration of results.

vc1492a / PyNomaly

PyNomaly is a Python 3 implementation of LoOP (Local Outlier Probabilities). LoOP is a local density based outlier detection method by Kriegel, Kröger, Schubert, and Zimek which provides outlier...

kdpeterson51 / mbir

Allows practitioners and researchers a wholesale approach for deriving magnitude-based inferences from raw data. A major goal of 'mbir' is to programmatically detect appropriate statistical tests...

DOI pending


pysrim is a software for automating ion irradiation SRIM simulations. We provide a tool that offers cross platform support for running crash resistant SRIM simulations, parsers for complex SRIM...

cylc / cylc

Cylc (“silk”) is a workflow engine for cycling systems - it orchestrates distributed suites of interdependent cycling tasks that may continue on indefinitely. Cylc is written in Python. It has...

ropensci / suppdata

suppdata is an R package to provide easy, reproducible access to supplemental materials within R. Thus suppdata facilitates open, reproducible research workflows: scientists re-analyzing published...