eddelbuettel / rcppcnpy

This document introduces the RcppCNPy package for reading and writing files created by or for the NumPy module for Python. RcppCNPy uses the cnpy library together with Rcpp Modules to bring this...

Groupe-ElementR / cartography

cartography is an R package for thematic mapping. It allows various cartographic representations such as proportional symbols, chroropleth, typology, flows or discontinuities. It also proposes some...

rodrigovrgs / cazy-parser

Cazy-parser is a tool that extract information from CAZy in a more usable and readable format. Firstly, a script reads the HTML structure and creates a mirror of the database as a tab delimited...

cvitolo / fuse

This R package implements the Framework for Understanding Structural Errors (FUSE) based on Clark et al. (2008) and its related Fortran code. It allows to simulate river discharge using hundreds of...

kehraProject / r_rdefra

The rdefra R package allows to retrieve air pollution data and metadata from DEFRA's UK-AIR website (https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/).

n3mo / massmine

MassMine is a social media and web data mining software that enables researchers to easily access and store information related to targeted investigations of online data sources.

drcassar / TPIB

This is an algorithm that takes transformation peak data as input, computes a transformation-aware iterative baseline, and returns the peak data with subtracted baseline.

DOI pending

SebastianBocquet / pygtc

pygtc is a software package that produces parameter covariance plots from the output of MCMC or similar algorithms. It is designed to create beautiful, publication-ready figures in a very...


[3DUNDERWORLD-SLS] High-accuracy Structured-Light Scanner
Recently, there has been an increase in the demand of virtual 3D objects representing real-life objects. A plethora of methods and systems...

DOI pending

samreay / ChainConsumer

A software package to consume chains produced by MCMC and similar algorithms, to provide likelihood surfaces, chain visualisations and parameter summaries in the form of LaTeX tables.