grantjenks / python-sortedcontainers

Python Sorted Containers is an Apache2 licensed sorted collections library, written in pure-Python, and fast as C-extensions.

DOI pending

matbesancon / BilevelOptimization.jl

The package solves bilevel optimization problems, a special class of mathematical optimization by reformulating the second level and building a an algebraic model of the problem with the JuMP package.

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seabbs / getTBinR

The getTBinR package facilitates downloading the most up-to-date version of multiple Tuberculosis relevant data sources from the World Health Organisation, along with the accompanying data...

connorourke / crystal_torture

crystal-torture is a Python, Fortran, and OpenMP module for the analysis of diffusion networks in crystal structures.

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astrom-tom / dfitspy

dfitspy is a fits file displayer based on the famous pair dfits and fitsort. dfitspy ports the main functionnality into the python language. It can be used as an executable and also as a python...

edifice1989 / rocker-c-rex

C-REx implements a novel statistical method that was designed to assess significance of differences in RNA expression levels among specified groups of genes. This Shiny web application called C-REx...

CSBiology / FSharpGephiStreamer

FSharpGephiStreamer connects the interactive functional programming language F# with the Gephi open source graph analysis and visualization software. It enables direct graph data streaming over the...

DOI pending

arsilva87 / biotools

The package biotools has been developed for helping biologists and researchers of related fields to perform optimization cluster analysis, specifically using Tocher’s algorithm, and to evaluate the...

DOI pending

HCP (HeatmapCovariatePlot) is an open-source Matlab package to generate publication-quality, highly customizable heatmaps annotated with continuous or categorical metadata variables.

DOI pending

stulp / dmpbbo

This C++ and Python library provides an implementation of dynamical movement primitives (Dmp) and black-box optimization (Bbo). Its main purpose is to program robots to perform complex motor skills.