HPAC / matchpy

MatchPy is a library for efficient pattern matching on symbolic expressions in Python.

ropensci / weathercan

weathercan is an R package which provides means for downloading historical weather data from the Environment and Climate Change Canada website. Data can be downloaded from multiple stations and...

piermorel / gramm

Gramm is a complete data visualization toolbox for Matlab. It provides an easy to use and high-level interface to produce publication-quality plots of complex data with varied statistical...

poissonconsulting / checkr

checkr is a dependency-free, pipe-friendly R package of expressive, assertive functions to check the properties of common R objects.

PsyChiLin / EFAshiny

EFAshiny is a user-friendly web application for exploratory factor analysis (EFA). EFAshiny with a graphical user interface (GUI) of shiny aims to streamline the routine work flow of EFA so that...

usnistgov / ChebTools

ChebTools implements Chebyshev expansions in C++11, with wrappers for Python via pybind11. Some examples are shown in a jupyter notebook that can be fired up in a binder environment.

scivision / pymap3d

PyMap3D is a Python toolbox for geodesic coordinate conversion for observation platforms undersea, on land, or in air/space. Matlab/Octave functions with the same syntax as Matlab Mapping Toolbox...

PetoLau / TSrepr

TSrepr is R package for time series representations computing to help more accurate and effective time series data mining.

barbagroup / PetIBM

PetIBM is a C++ library that implements immersed-boundary methods to solve 2D and 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations on stretched Cartesian grids, using a projection method. It uses PETSc...

bjodah / chempy

ChemPy is a Python package useful for solving problems in chemistry.