dflemin3 / approxposterior

A python implementation of Kandasamy et al. (2015) for deriving approximate posterior distributions.

DOI pending

mirzaevinom / egtplot

Our package is a Python library designed for easy visualization of three-strategy evolutionary games. It has a broad array of possible visual styles so that users can adjust how they would like...

economistgame / RcmdrPlugin.OptimClassifier

RcmdrPlugin.OptimClassifier is an R Commander Plug-In containing multiple methods to create binary classification models provides in OptimClassifier package. The main goal is to train complex...

DOI pending

SMTG-UCL / galore

Galore provides command-line tools and a Python API for post-processing data from electronic structure calculations. This intended for researchers in the materials chemistry/physics community to...

mikldk / disclapmix

An R package to perform inference in a mixture of discrete Laplace distributions using the EM algorithm. This can e.g. be used in forensic genetics to evaluate the evidential strength of a Y...


Hierdenc is a tool for retrieving nearest neighbors and clustering of large categorical data sets repesented in transactional or bag-of-words format.
The clustering is achieved via a...

DOI pending

juliohm / GeoStats.jl

An extendable framework for high-performance geostatistics in Julia.

ropensci / qualtRics

his package focuses on the retrieval of survey data using the Qualtrics API and aims to reduce the pre-processing steps needed to prepare this data for analysis. It also supports the import of...

gregreen / dustmaps

The dustmaps package provides a uniform interface for a variety of maps of interstellar dust. It allows the user to specify coordinates using astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord objects, and...

anhoej / qicharts2

qicharts2 is an R package with functions for making run charts, Shewhart control charts and Pareto charts for continuous quality improvement.