EnvModellingGroup / hdrs

hrds is a python package for obtaining points from a set of rasters at different resolutions. You can request a point and hrds will return a value based on
the highest resolution dataset (as...

DOI pending

telegraphic / hickle

hickle loads/dumps Python data structures from/into Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) files. It is particularly useful for 'pickling' nested lists and dictionaries containing numerical data arrays.

eendebakpt / oapackage

The Orthogonal Array package contains functionality to generate and analyse orthogonal arrays, optimal designs and conference designs. The generated arrays are used in the design of experiments.

DOI pending

pwollstadt / IDTxl

IDTxl is a comprehensive software package for efficient inference of networks and their node dynamics from multivariate time series data using information theory. IDTxl is written in Python and...

ZijieZhaoMMHW / m_mhw1.0

This is a MATLAB toolbox to detect and analyze marine heatwaves.

spectralDNS / shenfun

Shenfun is a high performance computing platform for solving partial differential equations by the spectral Galerkin method. The computational domains are limited to multidimensional tensor product...

otiai10 / hotsub

"hotsub" is a command line tool to run batch jobs with ETL framework concurrently on cloud services such as AWS and GCP. "hotsub" also suggests and implements "ExTL" framework which solves the...

ailiop / idvf

Iterative inversion of 2D/3D deformation vector field with adaptive bi-residual feedback control

DOI pending

bcgov / ssdtools

Species sensitivity distributions (SSDs) are cumulative probability distributions which are fitted to toxicity concentrations for multiple species. They are used for the derivation of environmental...

KVSlab / bloodflow

This package implements the 1D blood flow equations using the finite element framework FEniCS. The package provides tools for modelling blood flow through a network of arteries by solving a 1D...