mikahama / uralicNLP

UralicNLP is a Python library that is specialized in processing the morphologically rich and for most part endangered Uralic languages.

pierrepo / autoclasswrapper

AutoClassWrapper is a Python wrapper to ease the use of the classification program Autoclass C.

DOI pending

dblarremore / webweb

webweb is a tool for creating, displaying, and sharing interactive network visualizations on the web, designed for simplicity and ease of use. With just a few lines of python, networkx, or matlab,...

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FranzKrah / rGUIDANCE

The R package rGUIDANCE computes multiple sequence alignment confidence scores (sequence alignment reliability).

camdavidsonpilon / lifelines

lifelines is a pure Python implementation of survival analysis. Its value comes from its intuitive and well documented API, its flexibility in modeling novel hazard functions, and its easy...

DOI pending

scikit-tda / kepler-mapper

Kepler Mapper is a flexible implementation of the Mapper algorithm from the field of Topological Data Analysis. Mapper is a method for summarizing and visualizing structures in high dimensional...

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mpi4py-fft uses MPI for Python (mpi4py) to compute the Fast Fourier Transforms in parallel on distributed architectures.

marouenbg / ACHR.cu

ACHR.cu is a CUDA implementation of Asynchronous Hit-and-Run (ACHR) sampling algorithm of models of biological systems that allows to characterize a large set of metabolic phenotypes in an unbiased...

kLabUM / rrcf

Python implementation of the Robust Random Cut Forest algorithm: an unsupervised ensemble method for anomaly detection on streaming data

shawnbanasick / kade

KADE is a desktop application that provides interactive data visualizations for the analysis of Q methodology data.