jason-neal / eniric

Eniric is a Python 3 package to calculate the theoretical radial velocity precision of observed and synthetic stellar spectra.

DOI pending

mpascariu / ungroup

ungroup is an R package that introduces a versatile method for ungrouping binned count data assuming that counts are Poisson distributed and that the underlying sequence over a fine grid to be...

fellstat / ipc

This package provides tools for passing messages between R processes. This package can be applied to high performance computing environments, easily allowing parallel worker processes to...

arvestad / alv

alv is a simple console-based multi-sequence alignment viewer that enables easy browsing of alignments without starting a GUI. The paper files are found in the subdirectory doc/joss.

mpurg / qtools

qtools is a Python library for interfacing the molecular simulation package Q. It provides an API for streamlining simulations of enzymatic reactions, with applicability in design of novel...

DOI pending

MI2DataLab / survxai

An R package survxai is a tool for creating explanations of survival models. For both, complex and simple survival models. It also enables to compare them. Currently, four explanation methods are...

pachamaltese / gravity

A wrapper of different standard estimation methods for gravity models.
This package provides estimation methods for log-log models and multiplicative models.

JuliaText / Embeddings.jl

Embeddings.jl is a tool to help users of the Julia programming language ([@Julia]) make use of pretrained word embeddings for NLP.
Word embeddings are a very important feature representation in...

DOI pending

ornlneutronimaging / braggedgemodeling

Provides tools for calculating neutron Bragg Edge imaging spectrum

dahtah / imager

imager enables fast image processing for images in up to 4 dimensions (two spatial dimensions, one time/depth dimension, one colour dimension). Provides most traditional image processing tools...

DOI pending